William, the New Judo Master


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William, the New Judo Master.

William, the New Judo Master portrays the universe of an eternal being that exists within a lifecycle filled with disappointments and hopelessness. It’s the chronicle about the search for love and the fight against oblivion.


Ricardo Silva (1984, Mexico) studied Sociology and has worked as a journalist with an interest in problems of violence. Silva made his first short film, Issbocet, in 2006. His feature film debut came eight years later with Navajazo (2014). Silva’s second feature film, William, the New Judo Master (20017), has its international premiere at IFFR and was made in collaboration with Omar Guzmán.

Omar Guzmán started his career in film as an editor and is now internationally renowned for his work with a variety of directors. He’s been Ricardo Silva’s mentor for a decade and collaborated with him in Navajazo (2014) as editor and screenwriter. Guzmán’s directorial debut, William, the New Judo Master (2016), is another collaboration between him and Silva.


  • Title
    William, the New Judo Master
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    95′, col.

  • Directors
    Ricardo Silva,
    Omar Guzmán
  • Screenplay
    Ricardo Silva,
    Omar Guzmán
  • Editing
    Omar Guzmán
  • Photography
    Adrian Durazo

  • Music
    William Clauson,
    Tony Roland
  • Sound
    Omar Guzmán
  • Cast
    William Clauson, Edward Coward,
    Arak Bernal , Hoze Meléndez,
    Pako Houston

  • Producers 
    Ricardo Silva, Paulina Valencia,
    Geminiano Pineda Moreno
  • Production
    Specola, Julia Pastrana,
    Cine Canibal

  • Los Cabos International Film Festival 2016
  • Rotterdam International Film Festival 2017 – Bright Future Competition
  • FICUNAM 2017 – Ahora Mexico Competition
  • Videoex Zurich 2017
  • Semana Extraordinaria de Cine Actual Guatemala City 2017
  • Lovers Film Festival – Torino LGBTQI Visions 2017- Irregular Lovers
  • Fotofilm Fest Tijuana 2017
  • Viña del Mar International Film Festival 2017 – International Panorama
  • Montreal World Film Festival 2017 – International Panorama
  • Cineteca Rosalio Solano Queretaro 2017
  • Anthology Film Archives New York 2018

  • Cabos in Progress Major Prize Winner 2016
  • FICUNAM 2017 . Ahora Mexico Special Mention
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