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White House.

Dé is a black teenager from Chatuba, a Rio de Janeiro favela. He receives the news that his grandmother, Almerinda, is in the terminal stage of Alzheimer’s disease. He and his two best friends, Adrianin and Martins, decide to make the most of the last days of life with her.


Born in the Vidigal favela, actor, screenwriter, theater and film director, he acted in 42 films and wrote and directed one of the episodes of the feature film 5X Favela – Now By Ourselves, premiered in Cannes. With Cavi Borges, he directed the documentary City of God – 10 Years Later. With the short fiction film Lá do Alto, he won more than 40 awards in national and international festivals. White House is his first feature film.


  • Title
    White House
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    90′, col.

  • Director
    Luciano Vidigal
  • Screenplay
    Luciano Vidigal
  • Editing
    André Sampaio
  • Photography
    Arthur Sherman
  • Art Directors
    Alexandre Magalhães,
    Rafael Cabeça

  • Music
    Fernando Aranha,
    Guga Bruno
  • Sound
    Vampiro, Fernando Aranha,
    Bernardo Adeodato
  • Costume Design
    Lena Santana
  • Cast
    Big Jaum, Diego Francisco,
    Ramon Francisco, Teca Pereira,
    Gi Fernandes, L7nnon, Dj Zullu,
    Roberta Rodrigues

  • Producers
    Bárbara Defanti, Gisela Camara,
    Roberto Berliner, Sabrina Garcia,
    Leo Ribeiro, Cavi Borges
  • Production
    Sobretudo Produção,
  • Co-Production
    Globo Filmes

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