Death Is Not the End of the World


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Death Is Not the End of the World.

Luciano and Pedro meet each other again after many years apart, due to a message that, at first, looked like an invitation, but then reveals itself as a door that will lead the night into a point of no return.


Juan Pablo Cestaro is a young Argentine actor and director. He studied in Buenos Aires with several teachers, including Raul Serrano and Javier Daulte. As an actor, he performed in films such as Young Hunter, for which he won the Silver Condor Award for Best Male Newcomer, and The Unburied. He also appeared in the television series El marginal and Apache. Death is not the end of the world, produced by Murray Dibbs, is his first short film as a director, for which he received tutoring from Clarisa Navas as part of the ABC Bafici program.


  • Title
    Not My Name
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    12′, col.

  • Director 
    Juan Pablo Cestaro
  • Screenplay
    Juan Pablo Cestaro

  • Editing
    Ana Waisbein
  • Photography
    Mauro Vekselman

  • Art Direction
    Andrés Pinto
  • Music
    Gabriel Waisbein
  • Sound
    Julian Reyes, Octavio La Caria,
    Carlos Olmedo
  • Cast
    Lucas Porcel Tresca,
    Juan Pablo Cestaro

  • Producers 
    Murray Dibbs,
    Juan Pablo Cestaro
  • Executive Producers 
    Ana Waisbein,
    Andrés Pinto
  • Production 
    Matchbox Films

  • Rozen Filmdagen Amsterdam 2023
  • Outshine Miami 2023
  • Zinentiendo Zaragoza 2023

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