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Letizia, a young 16-year-old boxer, lives with her mother in a small town just outside Milan. After losing her job, her mum decides to move to Rome where she can be supported by her parents and of course decides to take Letizia with her. The film concentrates on the last few days before Letizia moves away, paying particular attention to the relationship she has with Clara: an older girl who trains in the same gym as her. Just when she has to leave, Letizia is forced to reflect on how important this relationship with Clara is for her.


Francesco Manzato was born in Monza in 1996. In 2020 he graduates in Modern Literature at the University of Milan. Since 2018, he has been working alongside professionals in the audiovisual world. In 2021 he debuts directing, together with Filippo Repishti and Paolo Pioltelli, with the documentary Uragano negli occhi, on the hardcore punk scene in Milan in the period 2015-2020. In 2021 he directs his first fiction short film: Carlè. Letizia, produced in collaboration with Eclettica, his is second fiction short film.


  • Title
  • Rights
    Festivals, Sales
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    18′, col.

  • Director 
    Francesco Manzato
  • Screenplay
    Francesco Manzato, Caterina Barone,
    Luca Mannella
  • Editing
    Massimo Da Re
  • Photography
    Callum Begley

  • Art Direction & Costumes
    Matilde Corno, Federico Trezzi,
    Giorgia Giannini
  • Sound
    Marco Lusetto, Silvia Orengo,
    Federico Tummolo
  • Music
    Gabriele Colombo
  • Cast
    Letizia Manella, Daphne Scoccia,
    Priscilla Muscat, Alice Puglisi, Giovanni Accordino, Giulia Marinello, Lida Chiti, Nicolas Garcia, Simone Megale

    • Producer
      Francesco Manzato
    • Production 

  • Rome Independent Film Festival 2022 – National Short Film Competition
  • Cinema Beltrade Milan 2022

  • Rome Independent Film Festival 2022 – Best Italian Short Film

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