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After a heart attack, Luís (60) experiences the threat of death for the first time, as well as the impact of aging on his body. Scared, he decides to retreat to a mountain house belonging to his ex-husband Galo (60). Luís intends to move away from what he desires the most: his young boyfriend Mario (23), although the boy is unwilling to let him go like that. In the same mountain refuge where he spent his childhood, Luís will be forced to confront his fear of death and old age, while he fights against the desire of keeping Mario by his side.


Born in Galicia (Spain), Javier majored in Screenwriting for Film and Television before studying Directing Fiction in the EICTV (Cuba). During his studies, he wrote and directed several short films such as Rem (2012) and ALFA (2016), which premiered at the Guadalajara International Film Festival. Back in Spain, he began developing projects with the support of funds and institutions such as ICAA, ICEC and Ibermedia, among others. Javier is currently working on his debut feature film A Burning Hunger with the grant of the Galician Cultural Agency (AGADIC) while writing two television programs: Dressed in Blue (a spin-off of the successful Veneno) and Mariliendre, his first show as a creator for Atresplayer (both projects in collaboration with SUMA CONTENT).


  • Title

  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    20′, col.

  • Director
    Javier Ferreiro
  • Screenplay
    Javier Ferreiro
  • Editing
    Dami Edwards
  • Photography
    María González

  • Art Direction
    Julia Yolanda
  • Sound
    Agustín Baldasarre,
    Josefina Rozenwasser
  • Cast
    Miquel Ínsua, Álvaro Larrán,
    Guillermo Weickert

  • Producers
    Andrea H. Catalá,
    Almudena Monzú
  • Executive Producers
    Andrea H. Catalá,
    Almudena Monzú
  • Production
    Amor y Lujo

  • Mix Brasil São Paulo 2023 – Shorts Programme
  • LesGaiCineMad Madrid 2023 – Spanish Shorts Competition
  • Mostra Fire!! Barcelona 2024 – Short Film Competition

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