I Am Not Like That


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I Am Not Like That.

Franka turned twenty and moves out from her parents’home due to feuds with her domineering father. She goes to the apartment inherited from her grandmother, where she runs into illegal occupant and law student Ante. Instead of throwing him out, Franka lets Ante stay for a few days. What starts as a romance, soon turns to a nightmare that, coupled with a newly struck friendship with a troubled co-worker Stela not only tests Franka’s character, but also helps her to realise what she wants out of life.


Zvonimir Munivrana, graduated from the University of Zagreb with a degree in psychology. He then moved to Los Angeles where he studied film and performing arts at The Lee Strasberg Institute. During his US stay he appeared in numerous stage productions, as well as feature films. His first feature screenplay entitled Children of the Fall has been produced in 2013, and featured at Warsaw Film Festival, Moscow Red Square Screenings and Braunschweig Film Festival. In 2016, he directed his first short film entitled Million, funded by the Zagreb Film Fund. He just completed filming his debut feature I Am Not Like That, a coming of age story and has in development the project Heron Flies North that participated in Sources2 and eQuinoxe Europe workshops and received Croatian Audiovisual Center’script and project development support. Zvonimir is a Screen Actor’s Guild, and Croatian Dramatist Union member. He attended Berlinale Talents in 2015 as director/writer, MFI in Greece, MAIA Workshop, Sources2 and eQuinoxe Europe.


  • Title
    I Am Not Like That
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    103′, col.

  • Director
    Zvonimir Munivrana
  • Screenplay 
    Zvonimir Munivrana
  • Editing
    Ivana Fumić
  • Photography
    Mario Oljača

  • Sound
    Filip Ledinščak
  • Music
    Yoann Bernagoult,
    Davy Bernagoult
  • Cast
    Tara Thaller, Stipe Jelaska, Romina Tonković, Slaven Knezović,
    Matija Prskalo, Đorđe Kukuljica,
    Velimir Čokljat, Janko Rakoš,
    Andrej Dojkić

  • Producers
    Bojan Kanjera,
    Zvonimir Munivrana
  • Co-Producers
    Dimče Stojanovski,
    Stefan Orlandić
  • Production
    Studio Corvus

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