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The day of the “Event” has arrived and Dalila, Jano, Daph D, Megan, Putricia, Ciara, Barbara and Zodoma, are here to climb on heels higher than the walls of the genre and the identity. Together they will expand the limits of imagination; the makeup will be their war paint and their dresses the armor.


Santiago Henao Vélez is an Audiovisual Communicator of the Colombian Politécnico Jaime Isaza Cadavid, from which he graduated with honors, a director, screenwriter and art director of several film projects and a co-founder of the film production company Crisálida Films, which is focused on production and training lines. He studied Introduction to Production Design at the San Antonio de los Baños Film School, Cuba. Winner of the calls National Internship with his short film Free Fall, of the Colombia-Argentina Residence of the Ministry of Culture and the El Kruce residence, Colombia-Berlin. He has worked in the production of festivals such as MIFF, Ficci and the Santa Fe de Antioquia Film Festival. His short films Free Fall and Paradise have won the Creation Scholarships of the Mayor’s Office of Medellín.

Manuel Villa is an Audiovisual Communicator of the University of Medellín. He studied the Master of Creation Documentary at the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona, where he participated in the preproduction and production of the documentary film The Park by Garbiñe Armentia, of the preproduction and production of Amb Titol, a web documentary directed by Neus Ballus. Director of the short films Los Goyos, Between Mountains and Rail, Sinphony X, Man Cut and We Are not so Bad. He currently lives in Medellín where he has participated in the films The Smiling Lombana,The Days of the Whale, Free Fall, There Is a Battle Out There and I am Laura. He is currently wriitng, with Laura Mora, her new feature film The kings of the World.


  • Title
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    19′, col.

  • Directors
    Santiago Henao Vélez,
    Manuel Villa
  • Screenplay 
    Santiago Henao Vélez,
    Manuel Villa
  • Editing
    Juan Cañola
  • Photography
    David Correa

  • Music
    Gabriel Toro,
    Juan José Peña
  • Sound
    Rueda Sonido
  • Cast
    Aldair Sánchez Moreno, Juan Esteban Velásquez, Sergio Andrés Pérez Vargas, Julián Zapata Rincón, Danilo Quintana Herrera, Weimar Danilo Correa Morales, Juan Esteban Echeverry Muñoz, Juan David Hernández Escobar

  • Producer
    Juliana Zuluaga Montoya
  • Production
    Crisálida Films

  • Bogoshorts Bogotá 2020 – National Competition
  • Rome Independent Film Festival 2020 –  International Documentary Competition
  • Havana Latin American Film Festival  2020 – LatinAmerican Perspectives,  Colors of Diversity
  • Zinegoak Bilbao 2021 – Short Film Competition
  • DIGO International Film Festival on Gender and Sexuality Goiânia 2021 – Out of Competition
  • FECISLA Island International Film Festival Isla Fuerte 2021 – Colombian Shorts
  • Ciclo Rosa Bogotá 2021
  • Cinemateca Municipal Medellin 2021
  • Espacio Vasto Pereira 2021
  • Fotograma Inverso Medellin 2021
  • Everybody’s Perfect Geneva 2021
  • Reel Affirmations Washington 2021

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