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An intensely personal film about longing, healing, and belonging where filmmaker Maja Borg illustrates their unique process of dealing with trauma in the wake of a destructive relationship. In seeking to reclaim intimacy and re-establish boundaries Borg is drawn to queer BDSM practice, through which they’re able to explore their long-forgotten Christian heritage. Adopting rituals and play from both queer BDSM and Christian communities, Borg finds themselves able to acknowledge and accept their own longings, confronting their darkest parts in order to move forwards. The film tells the stories of queer BDSM practitioners in Berlin, Stockholm and Barcelona and portrays the humanity at the heart of the practise while illuminating its similarities with Christianity on an emotional and perhaps even spiritual level.


Maja Borg, director and co-producer of Passion, is an artist and film director, working with both documentary and fiction. Their work is as likely to be exhibited on cinema as in art galleries. Borg’s work explores political alternatives and personal ‘otherness’ and is often focused on the deconstruction of culture, economy, sexuality, mythology and language itself.


  • Title
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    92′, col.

  • Director
    Maja Borg
  • Screenplay 
    Maja Borg
  • Editing
    Charlotte Landelius
  • Photography
    Patriez van der Wens,
    María González Otero, Angello Faccini

  • Music
    Katharina Nuttall
  • Sound
    Jan Alvemark
  • Cast
    Maja Borg, Anneke Necro, Marit Östberg,
    Liz Rosenfeld, Sadie Lune, Lou Smorals, Jo Pullux

  • Producers
    Stina Gardell, Andrea H. Catalá,
    Almudena Monzú, Maja Borg
  • Production
    Mantaray Film
  • Co-Production
    Amor y Lujo,
    Maja Borg Filmproduktion

      • CPH Copenhagen 2021
      • Munich Doc Film Festival 2021
      • Faroe Islands Int’l Minority Film Festival Torshavn 2021
      • Queer Lisboa 2021 – Queer Art Competition
      • Vilnius Queer Film Festival 2021
      • Helsinki International Film Festival Love and Anarchy 2021
      • Mix Copenhagen 2021
      • Reykjavik International Film Festival 2021
      • Festival du Nouveau Cinema Montreál 2021 – Competition
      • Seville European Film Festival 2021 – New Waves Competition
      • Porn Film Festival Berlin 2021
      • Queer Film Festival Munich 2021
      • Lesgacinemad Madrid 2021
      • Keski Suomen Jyväskylä 2021
      • Porny Days Film Festival Zurich 2021
      • Excéntrico Film Festival Valparaiso, Santiago del Chile 2022
      • ReelOut Kingston’s Queer Film + Video Festival 2022
      • Göteborg International Film Festival 2022
      • BFI Flare London 2022
      • Porn Film Festival Vienna 2022
      • Bergamo Film Meeting 2022 – Close Up Competition
      • D’A Film Festival Barcelona 2022 – Transitions
      • Post Pxrn Film Festival Warsaw 2022
      • Outfest Los Angeles 2022
      • Duke’s at Komedia Brighton 2022
      • GTF Glasgow 2022
      • Showroom Sheffield 2022
      • QFT Belfast 2022
      • Rio Cinema London 2022
      • Ciclo Cine Arco Iris Valladolid 2022
      • Atlántida Mallorca Film Festival 2022
      • Taiwan International Queer Film Festival 2022
      • Cinema Queer Mexico Mexico City, Merdida, Queretaro 2022
      • Folkestone Documentary Film Festival 2022
      • Pink Screens Brussels 2022
      • Vox Feminae Zagreb 2023
      • Queer Wave Cyprus Nicosia 2023
      • OutFilm Festival Poznan 2023
      • Bremen Queer Film Festival 2023
      • Molodist Kyiv 2023 – Special Screenings

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