Sr. Raposo


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Sr. Raposo.

In 1995, Acácio had a dream. He walkead hand in hand with a man and a woman across on all green field.


Graduated in Cinema and Audiovisual at Universidade Federal Fluminense and History at Universidade Federal de Goiás, Daniel Nolasco has directed and scripted more than ten short films, such as: Tatame (Tatame), 2016; Febre da Madeira (Wood Sickness), 2015, awarded as Best Director and Best Documentary Film at the 18th FICA; Urano (Uranus), 2013, awarded as best experimental film at Bienal de Curitiba, Os Sobreviventes (The Survivors), 2013, awarded with the Cine França Brasil Award at II Curta Brasília and Best Film at VIII Miragem; Gil (2012), screened at Munich International Festival of Film Schools and more than twenty festivals. Daniel received two honorable mentions for the scripts of Happiness Arives at 40 at the 22nd Rio de Janeiro International short film festival and O Monstro no Armário de Dona Odete (The Monster in Mrs. Odete ́s Closet) at the 18th FBCU. Daniel also worked as post-production producer on the French-Brazilian production La Grenouille et Dieu, 2013, directed by Alice Furtado, produced at Le Fresnoy. He also worked as a producer at the exhibition about the Le Fresnoy School Era uma vez… (Oi Futuro), 2012 and as production manager at Expo® Godard exhibition (Oi Futuro, 2013), which was curated by Dominique Païni and Anne Marquez. It was the biggest exhibition ever made about Jean-Luc Godard in Brazil. Daniel was also part of the team of curators and producers of Mostra de Cinema e Direitos Humanos no Hemisfério Sul (Cinema and Human Rights Festival at the Southern Hemisphere). After filming Paulistas and Neptune (Netuno) in 2017, Daniel Nolasco presented his last work Sr. Raposo (2018).


  • Title
    Sr. Raposo
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    23′, col.

  • Director
    Daniel Nolasco
  • Screenplay
    Daniel Nolasco
  • Editing
    Will Domingos
  • Photography
    Ana Galizia,
    Larry Sullivan

  • Sound
    Guilherme Farkas,
    Jesse Marmo
  • Cast
    Geovaldo Souza, Norval Berbari,
    Tárik Puggina, Marcos Vinícius,
    Delcides Neto, Diodi Lucas

  • Producers
    Cecília Brito,
    Daniel Nolasco
  • Production
    Dafuq Filmes

  • FICCI Cartagena Das Indias International Film Festival 2018
  • Tiradentes Film Festival 2018
  • Frontera Film Festival Goiânia 2018
  • Rio de Janeiro GSC Film Festival 2018
  • Museum of the Moving Image New York 2018
  • Pirenopolis Brazilian Documentary Film Festival 2018 – Short Documentary Competition
  • Goiania Mostra Curtas Film Festival 2018 – Competition
  • Sao Luis International Film Festival 2018 – Short Film Competition
  • Porn Film Festival Berlin 2018
  • Recifest Recife 2018
  • Curtacinema Rio De Janeiro 2018
  • Cine Esquema Novo Porto Alegre 2018 – NationalShort Film Competition
  • Mix Brasil Sao Paulo 2018
  • La Boca Erotica Madrid 2019 – Short Film Competition
  • Lovers Film Festival Turin 2019 – Porn Lovers
  • DIGO Goiania 2019 – Regional Short Film Competition
  • PopPorn Film Festival Sao Paulo 2019
  • Festcine Goiana 2019
  • Stockholm Cinema Queer Film Festival 2020 – Retrospective
  • Mostra Que Desejo Rio de Janeiro 2022
  • Um curta por día Vertentes do cinema Rio de Janeiro 2023


  • Pirenopolis Brazilian Documentary Film Festival 2018 – Best Documentary Short Film
  • Sao Luis International Film Festival 2018 – Special Mention to the Screenplay
  • DIGO Goiania 2019 – Best Direction Regional Short Film Competition

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