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Désirée never met her older sister, Stella. The two girls, in fact, daughters of the same father, lived separate lives due to family disagreements. But when Stella learns that Désirée has moved to Rome from Naples to study, she finally decides to meet her for the first time. All those lost years are condensed in the time of two meetings, so intense as to induce Désirée to withdraw from that relationship. Yet, a few months later, the sight of a flower is enough to rekindle his memory. The memories of those days are a testament to their bond of love.


Stella Mastrantonio was born in Rome in 1992. After a degree in political economy, she started her acting training For four years she has been training with Luigi Saravo’s “Exodos” group, whose research is based on building immediate relationships. Emotions are not simulated but are found in interaction with others, eliminating superstructures and favoring naturalness. This type of training will be the driving force for shooting her first short film as a director together with her fellow actress and friend Rosanna Menduni de Rossi, with whom she shares the passion for experimentation and the search for the authenticity of feelings.

Rosanna Menduni de Rossi was born on May 25, 2000 in Vico Equense (NA). After graduating, she moved to Rome where she obtained a degree in History of Art from the American University, John Cabot. Since she was a child she demonstrated a propensity towards acting and writing. She began her training at the age of 15 at the La Ribalta Film School, and subsequently continued her studies in Rome, attending a significant variety of schools and intensive workshops. In 2023 she moved to Paris for a few months and continued her artistic journey there too at schools such as Cours Florent and Studio Pygmalion, where in addition to his acting research, she also deepened her knowledge of French. Once she returned to Rome, together with her friend and colleague Stella Mastrantonio she shot her first short film in which they both explore and implement the experimentation of a type of acting that is common to a spiritual inclination of being in the world: navigating between a simplicity of ways and a profound unmasking of oneself and one’s feelings.


  • Title
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    9′, col.

  • Directors
    Stella Mastrantonio,
    Rosanna Menduni de Rossi
  • Screenplay
    Stella Mastrantonio,
    Rosanna Menduni de Rossi
  • Editing
    Simone Spampinato
  • Photography
    Stella Mastrantonio,
    Rosanna Menduni de Rossi

  • Music
    Pierluigi Orlando, Stanza_sx,
    Stella Mastrantonio
  • Cast
    Stella Mastrantonio,
    Rosanna Menduni de Rossi

  • Producers
    Stella Mastrantonio,
    Rosanna Menduni de Rossi

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