Elda and the Monsters


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Elda and the Monsters.

In her desire and ambition to become a powerful glam rock star, Elda comes into conflict with her shy alter ego Diego, with whom she shares the same body. A pilgrimage to the altar of a trans woman, who was murdered and buried in the middle of a forest, awakens in Elda new ways of loving, growing and bonding, in connection with nature and beyond the limitations of binaries.


Nicolás Herzog grew up in Concordia, Entre Rios (Argentina) and graduated in Communication Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires. He worked for several years as a producer and director of commercials, documentaries and TV before directed the feature films Red Orchestra (2010), Night Flight (2017) and Shadow Rooster (2020), all participating in international film festivals and obtaining awards and recognitions. Elda and the Monsters (2023) is his last feature film.


  • Title
    Elda and the Monsters
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    73′, col.

  • Director
    Nicolás Herzog
  • Screenplay 
    Nicolás Herzog
  • Editing
    Nicolás Herzog, Leandro Aste,
    Guillermo Saredo (EDA)
  • Photography
    Fernanda Montiliengo
  • Art Director
    Claudina Roda

  • Music
    Matias Sorokin, Diego Datona,
    Lautaro Osorio, Juan Cruz Federik, Santiago Butto, Álan Anderson,
    Matias Sorokin
  • Sound
    Emiliano Biaiñ (ASA), Marcos Zoppi (ASA),
    Sergio Cabrera
  • Costumes
    Gastón Casasco
  • Cast
    Diego Detona, Natalia Curcho,
    Calypso Summer, Anul Oribe,
    Fran Dacunda

  • Producers
    Tomás Eloy Muñoz,
    Valeria Bistagnino
  • Executive Producers
    Tomás Eloy Muñoz, Valeria Bistagnino, Nicolás Herzog
  • Co-Producers
    Sergio Cabrera,
    Gastón Delecluze
  • Production
    Mostra Cine

  • Mar del Plata International Film Festival 2023 – National Competition
  • Wicked Queer Boston 2024
  • D’A Film Festival Barcelona 2024 – Radar
  • Sunny Bunny Fest Kiev 2024 – Out of Competitions New Colors
  • Festival Fin del Mundo Ushuaia 2024 – Official Competition

  • Mar del Plata International Film Festival 2023 – Best Editing National Competition

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