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About to turn 30 years working in the barber shop he inherited from his parents, Raúl starts to change his daily routine, in order to have something new to tell to his customers. He tries to get closer to his neighbours, visits a bar near his home, and spends some time in the neighborhood square, where he meets a lady with whom he establishes a strange relationship. Eventually, he realizes that he is much closer to the solution of his problems than he could have imagined.


Matías Venables was born on September 14, 1989 in Santiago, Chile. He studied at Escuela de Cine de Chile, where he made over 20 short films, among them Expresso and Jacinta y Tristán” (2010), both filmed in 16mm film. On 2011, he starts to work on Raúl, his first feature film, which during 2013 was part of the Official Selection of Locarno International film Festival, on the Carte Blanche section (Work in progress). Nowadays, he works as a scriptwriter, director and editor of various projects. While prepares the premiere of Raúl, he is writing The Last Baker’s Mix, his second feature film, which shooting will take place at the end of 2015.


  • Title
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    72′, col.

  • Director
    Matías Venables B.
  • Screenplay
    Matías Venables B.
  • Editing
    Matías Venables B.
  • Photography
    Nico Martínez Bergen

  • Set Design
    Oriana Curiante N.
  • Sound
    Cristóbal Rivera
  • Cast
    Óscar Hernández, Paula Zúñiga, Alejandro Sieveking, Teresa Münchmeyer, Ramón González

  • Producers
    Valentina Barros, Antonino Ballestrazzi,
    Matías Venables
  • Production
    Escuela de Cine de Chile,
    Bisagra Cine

  • Festival Cine // B Santiago del Chile 2014 – Chilean Feature Film Competition
  • FICMY Merida and Yucatan International Film Festival 2014 – First Latin American Feature Film Competition
  • Lima Independent International Film Fest 2015
  • Felcit Tigre Latinamerican Film Festival 2015 – Feature Film Competition
  • Colchagua Cine Chile Nancagua 2015
  • Tirana International Film Festival 2015 – Feature Film Competition
  • Fechich International Film Festival 2015
  • Cine Radical 2015
  • Santiago del Chile National Cinematheque 2015

  • Festival Cine // B Santiago del Chile 2014 – Best Actor, Audience Award
  • Felcit Tigre Latinamerican Film Festival 2015 – Jury Special Mention

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