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Shoot Your Shot.

Shoot Your Shot is a short film about teenage best friends Ronit and Brennan, as they struggle to reach the same emotional support page on a scorching afternoon in the summer. Ronit’s got an aching crush for Mike and doesn’t know if it’s too late, and Brennan is baffled by that fuzzy feeling all together. A coming-of-age story about masculinity between immigrants. It’s intimate, it’s a little out of their comfort zones, but inevitably, it ends in love.


Mishaal is a writer-director with a passion for telling stories that are injected with creativity and a new perspective on the world and how we see it, with a particular emphasis on South-Asian representation. He is a BFI Film Academy Craft Skills (NFTS) alum. A Westminster Film School graduate with a background in Visual Effects, he has credits working on Cruella and Pinocchio. His freelance VFX clients include Radiohead, Wolf Alice, Cavetown, among others, and has worked on award winning commercials and music videos. With the release of his BFI-Network funded short upon the festival circuit, Mishaal is currently in development on more shorts and writing his first feature.


  • Title
    Shoot Your Shot

  • Rights
  • Countries
  • Year
  • Length
    12′, col.

  • Director
    Mishaal Memon
  • Screenplay
    Mishaal Memon
  • Editing
    Tom Hamblin
  • Photography
    Dann Emmons

  • Art Director
    Le Otovic
  • Casting
    Darta Vijgrieze
  • Music
    Maurizio Antonini
  • Sound
    Barnaby Frayn,
    Melchiorre Ruvolo
  • Cast
    Lance West, Dillon Mitra,
    Sonny Drake

  • Producer
    Raghav Mukerji
  • Executive Producers
    Thomas Wightman, Niamh Coogan, Neeraj Churi
  • Production
    Matte Black London
  • Co-Production
    BFI Network,
    Lotus Visual Productions

  • Outfest Fusion Los Angeles 2023
  • Last Frame Queer Film Festival London 2023
  • Indian Film Festival London 2023
  • Indian Film Festival Birmingham 2023
  • Bangalore Queer Film Festival 2023
  • NewFest New York 2023
  • Indian Film Festival Manchester 2023
  • Slovak Queer Film Festival Bratislava 2023

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