Stroking an Animal

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Stroking an Animal.

Mariña, Ada and Tomás form an irregular triangle of bodies, intentions and vibrations. Mariña has an intense love affair with Ada when Tomás, a mutual friend, enters the couple’s intimacy. Six moments of the relationship articulate the film, thrown like flashes of light. The journey of this love triangle will lead Mariña to rethink her bonds with others and her self-care.


A Galician filmmaker, Ángel Filgueira studied Audiovisual Communication at University of Vigo and Master’s degree in Art Investigation at the UCLM. His films include the documentary Sevilla y Gomorra (2018) premiered at Cineuropa Film Festival (Santiago de Compostela) and his short films Burdeos-Porto, El Cuadrado and FIN, wich were presented at Cineuroupa and Curtircuito IFF. Stroking an Animal is his first feature film and with this project he has participated in different development and work-in-progress laboratories such as Gijón FICX PRO, Abycine Lanza, Novos Cinemas #LAB (Pontevedra) or IMPUT at 58th A Coruña Film Festival.


  • Title
    Stroking an Animal
  • Rights
    Festivals, Sales
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    70′, col.

  • Director
    Ángel Filgueira
  • Screenplay 
    Ángel Filgueira
  • Editing
    Sara Fernández, Ángel Filgueira
  • Photography
    Marcos del Villar

  • Art Direction
    Raquel Álvarez
  • Sound
    Xavier Souto

  • Cast
    Lidia Veiga, Ánxela Ríos, Xulio Besteiro

  • Producers
    Anxos Fazáns, Silvia Fuentes
  • Executive Producer
    Silvia Fuentes
  • Production

  • Barcelona D’A Film Festival 2023 – Un impulso colectivo

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