Carlinha and André



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Carlinha and André.

Carlinha spends her day waiting for André.


To date, Ricky Mastro has written and directed 8 shorts films that were distributed over 200 festivals around the globe. His short film production includes Five Minutes, The Strongest, Happily Ever After, Koka, and The Mousetrap, Xavier, The Storm and Xavier and Miguel. His first feature film, 7 Minutes, has been selected in competition at the Rome Independent Film Festival in 2020, and it was part of Sofia Meetings. He was part of Fucking Different São Paulo which had its premiere at Berlinale (Panorama).
Nowadays, Ricky divides his time between São Paulo and Toulouse. He is developing with his co-writer Léon Diana two fiction film projects: The Invisibles (Syndrome Films) and Giulia. He is very active in the LGBT+ festival circuit, as a film programmer for the International Festival of Sexual and Gender Diversity in Goiás, Brazil and having created the Recifest (Festival LGBT+ in Recife, Brazil). Ricky also teaches cinema in two schools in Toulouse: ACT Formation and YNOV. Carlinha and André is his last short film.


  • Title
    Carlinha and André
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    14′, col.

  • Director
    Ricky Mastro
  • Screenplay
    Ricky Mastro
  • Editing
    Leo Zaia,
    Tomas Cali
  • Photography
    Taís Nardi

  • Sound
    Marina Bruno
  • Music
    Fita Amarela,
    Noel Rosa
  • Cast
    Divina Núbia, André Guerreiro Lopes,
    Marcello Rafaeli Cavaroli,
    Gregório Musatti

  • Producer
    Ricky Mastro
  • Production
    Poney films

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