The Red Tree


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The Red Tree.

When his father dies, Eliécer is left to care for the half-sister he’s never met, called Esperanza. His mission is to take the girl to the capital to find the mother who abandoned her as a baby. The decision not to take responsibility for the girl, and the fulfilment of his duty, oblige Eliécer to set out on a journey on which he will accept the company of Toño, the young boatman whose dream is to make it to the city to become a boxing champion. At the end of the road, Eliécer must decide if he wants the home and family that he and Esperanza had lost.


Colombian director and producer, founding partner of Big–Sur Películas, he has directed and co-written the short films Blood Fighters (Idartes Award for Short Film 2008, Official Selection of the International Festival Clermont–Ferrand 2012), and The Wallet, shot in Barcelona in 2013.
He has also worked as a second unit director in a TV series for the Colombian Caracol Channel, and previously as assistant director for renowned Colombian films and film production companies. He holds a Master’s Degree in Film Direction from the Superior School of Cinema and Audiovisual of Catalonia (ESCAC) in Barcelona.
Recently finished his feature film The Red Tree, receiving numerous accolades during its development stage, including the Ibermedia Fund production support, and in post-production stage the selection at the “Film in Progress” of the San Sebastián International Film Festival, as well as the “Work in Progress” Ventana Sur Latam Audiovisual Market (Buenos Aires/Argentina), and the post-production support of the Colombian Film Development Fund (FDC). He is currently working on the development of a couple more new projects.


  • Title
    The Red Tree
  • Rights
  • Countries
    Colombia, Panama,
  • Year
  • Length
    94′, col.

  • Director
    Joan Gómez Endara
  • Screenplay
    Joan Gómez Endara,
    Ivan Sierra
  • Editing
    Mauricio Lleras
  • Photography
    Mateo Guzmán

  • Music
    Camilo Sanabria
  • Sound
    Carlos García
    Luis Lasso
  • Art Director
    Ramsés Benjumea
  • Cast
    Carlos Vergara, Shaday Velasquez,
    Jhoyner Salgado

  • Producers
    Sonia Barrera, Joan Gómez Endara,
    Viviana Gómez
  • Production
    Big-Sur Películas
  • Associate producers
    Louise Bellicaud,
    Claire Charles Gervais
  • Associate production
    In Vivo Films
  • Co-producer
    Boris Villalaz
  • Co-Production
    Viso Producciones, RTVC Play,
    Mass Media Communications

  • Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2021 – First Feature Competition
  • Goa International Film Festival of India 2021 – World Panorama
  • Pantalla Latina St.Gallen 2021 – Competition
  • FICCI Cartagena 2022
  • Viva! Manchester Spanish and Latin American Film Festival 2022
  • CineLatino Toulouse 2022 – Feature Film Competition
  • Chicago Latino Film Festival 2022 – Feature Film Competition
  • New York Colombian Film Festival 2022 – Feature Film Competition
  • Ojo Loco Ibero and Latin American Film Festival Grenoble 2022 – Feature Film Competition
  • Seattle International Film Festival 2022 – Ibero-American Feature Film Competition
  • FESCAAAL African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival Milan 2022
  • MiWorld Young Film Festival Milan 2022 – Competition
  • South Pole Lausanne 2022
  • Festival Cine Las Alturas Jujuy 2022 – Feature Film Competition
  • Cinelatino Bergamo 2022
  • Biarritz Latin American Film Festival 2022 – Out of Competition
  • Cine Latino Minneapolis 2022 – Bright New Voices Competition
  • Séte Latin American Film Festival 2022
  • LatinAmerika i Fokus Film Festival Malmo and Lund 2022
  • Braunschweig International Film Festival 2022 – New International Cinema 2022
  • Yarima FIC Barracanbermeja 2022
  • FAMMA Montes de María 2022
  • Paris International Educational Film Festival FIFE 2022 – Feature Film Competition
  • Miradas Medellin 2022 – Colombian Feature Film Competition
  • Filmar Film Festival Geeneva 2022 – First Feature Film Competition
  • International Film Festival Panama 2022
  • Festival Internacional de Cine de Tunja FICTU 2022
  • Festival Internacional de Cine Golfo de Morrosquillo 2022
  • Lisbon Latin American Film Festival 2022
  • Festival Internacional de Cine Ciudad de Itagüí 2022
  • Lat Cinema Fest Barcelona 2023
  • Echos FIFE Moulin à Café in Saint-Pierre La Réunion 2023
  • Visions Sociales Film Festival Cannes 2023
  • CESDE Medellin 2023
  • Parc des Sports du Bazacle 2023
  • Village de Vacances “Les 4 Chemins” Soueix 2023
  • Centre de Vacances La Bastide Sur l’Hers 2023
  • Village vacances CCAS Hameau du Lac “Riu Fred” Matemale 2023
  • Village vacances CCAS “La Colomine de Las Monges” Saint Cyprien 2023
  • Festival Villa del Cine Villa de Leyva 2023

  • CineLatino Toulouse 2022 – CCAS Award
  • CineLatino Toulouse 2022 – Rail D’OC Award
  • New York Colombian Film Festival 2022 – Special Mention
  • FESCAAAL African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival Milan 2022 – Audience Award
  • Festival Cine Las Alturas Jujuy 2022 – Best Screenplay
  • Miradas Medellin 2022 – Special Mention Feature Film Competition
  • Festival Villa del Cine Villa de Leyva 2023 – Best Feature Film

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