We Will Never Die






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We Will Never Die.

Rodrigo and his mother travel to the town where his older brother just died. In this calm place they will go through the first stages of their mourning. Rodrigo will start to peer on grown-ups grief and, imperceptibly, will begin to leave childhood behind. His mother will try to uncover the mysteries surrounding that death.
A diaphanous film, with some melancholy and light humor, with lonely characters that try to bring some affection to each other. A story suspended in time, floating between the countryside lost places.


Eduardo Crespo was born in Crespo, Entre Ríos, Argentina, in 1983. He directed the feature film As close as I can (2012) with support of Hubert Bals Fund and the documentary “Crespo (The persistence of memory)” (2016), both of them premiered in international festivals. He also co-directed, with Santiago Loza, the TV-series Twelve Houses (2014), awarded as a Best Series in the Argentina’s TV. He also worked as a DoP, Director and Producer in several film projects.


  • Title
    We Will Never Die
  • Rights
    Festivals, Sales
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    82′, col.

  • Director
    Eduardo Crespo
  • Screenplay
    Eduardo Crespo, Lionel Braverman, Santiago Loza
  • Editing
    Lorena Moriconi
  • Photography
    Inés Duacastella

  • Music
    Diego Vainer
  • Sound
    Nahuel Palenque
  • Costume Designer
    Victoria Luchino

  • Cast
    Romina Escobar, Rodrigo Santana, Brian Alba, Jésica Frickel, Giovanni Pelizzari, Sebastián Santana
  • Producers
    Santiago Loza, Eduardo Crespo, Laura Mara Tablón
  • Production
    Rita Cine, Primera Casa, with the support of INCAA

  • San Sebastian International Film Festival 2020 – Official Selection Competition
  • Mar del Plata International Film Festival 2020 – Official Selection Competition
  • Havana International Film Festival 2020 – Official Selection Competition

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