The Binding



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The Binding.

Binyamin (21), lives by himself in a small apartment in the center of Tel Aviv. He moved there after he came out of the closet and had to face opposition from his family, who live in a small settlement in the Israeli desert. Being away from them allowed him to detach himself someway from the trauma that accompanies his family’s lives following the death of his older brother in an accident, for which Binyamin feels responsible for. His lifestyle, made of constant and violent one night stands, will change after his relationship with the owner of the pub he works at will become closer. Avinoam (49), a nationalist religious man, is a charismatic person who uses his powerful words as a weapon. Under his care, Binyamin will find a safe space, up until an unexpected event will change his entire life.


Eyal Kantor, born in 1968, was born and raised in Tel Aviv. Kantor is a filmmaker who has directed and written several short films shot around the world. His debut feature, Like Me, had its world premiere at the Guadalajara International Film Festival and was sold in key territories, including, North America, Uk, Germany and France.  With daring and provocative contents, Kantor’s films maintain an independent and revolutionary spirit in the Israeli production contest. The Binding represents the second chapter of a trilogy that explores intimacy and loss.


  • Title
    The Binding
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    111′, col.

  • Director
    Eyal Kantor
  • Screenplay
    Eyal Kantor,
    Yoav Keren
  • Editing
    Yoav Keren
  • Photography
    Offek Hasid

  • Sound
    Yuval Kadosh
  • Music
    Uri Gincel
  • Cast
    Yoav Keren, Shimon Mimran, Ori Paniri
    Meged Hayon,Tal Ben Elazar
    Amit Elyahu, Nitay Yoel

  • Production Manager
    Matanel Gotlib
  • Producers
    Yoav Keren,
    Eyal Kantor
  • Production
    Toni Films Production

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