Asphalt Goddess


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Asphalt Goddess.

Max returns to her slum turned into the vocalist of a rock band. There, the memories await, the latest news and the truths that were silent for years: Sonia is a voice that speaks from the death, Ramira and Carcacha regent with the neighborhood ́s misery, and Guama sinks into madness. The reasons for abandonment are evident, the deaths and unfulfilled promises are recap. Max returns to die, not without first understanding and meaning all the reasons that remained pending.


Julián Hernández is born in Mexico City in 1972 and he graduated in film from the state University UNAM. Among his previous works are the feature films Broken Sky (2006), A Thousand Clouds of Peace Fence the Sky, Love, Your Being Love Will Never End  (2003), winner of the Teddy Award at Berlin Film Festival and Raging Sun, Raging Sky, winner of the same Award but in 2009. His three last features, all represented by The Open Reel, are: I Am Happiness on Earth (2014), Tattoo of Revenge (2018) and Asphalt Goddess (2019). Hernández has also directed, among others, the short films Por encima del abismo de la desesperación (1996), Hubo un tiempo en que los sueños dieron paso a largas noches de insomnio (1997), Bramadero (2007), Vago rumor de mares en zozobra (2008), Atmósfera (2009), Wandering Clouds (2013), Young Man at the Bar Masturbating with Rage and Nerve (2015) and Boys on the Rooftop (2016).


  • Title
    Asphalt Goddess
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    120′, col.

  • Director
    Julián Hernández
  • Screenplay
    Inés Morales
  • Editing
    Roque Azcuaga,
    Emiliano Arenales Osorio
  • Photography
    Alejandro Cantú

  • Music
    Arturo Villela Vega
  • Sound
    Armando Narváez del Valle,
    Omar Juárez Espino
  • Cast
    Ximena Romo, Mabel Cadena,
    Alejandra Herrera, Nelly González,
    Samantha Orozco, Axel Arenas,
    Giovanna Zacarías, Pascacio López,
    Paulina Goto, Jimena Mancilla,
    Raquel Robles

  • Producers
    Roberto Fiesco,
    Iliana Reyes
  • Production
    Mil Nubes Cine

  • Morelia International Film Festival 2020 – Feature Film Competition
  • ZeFestival Marseille, Nice 2020
  • Chéries Chéris Film Festival Paris 2020 – Out of Competition
  • Seoul International Pride Film Festival 2020
  • RIFF Rome Independent Film Festival 2020 – Out of Competition
  • Image + Nation Montréal 2020
  • Havana International Film Festival 2020 – LatinAmerican Perspectives / Colors of Diversity
  • Queerscreen LGBTQI Film Festival France 2021
  • Femme Revolution Film Festival Mexico City 2021
  • Cineteca Nacional Mexico City 2021 – Retrospective Julián Hernández
  • Outfest Peru Lima 2021 – Feature Film Competition
  • Mix Mexico Mexico City 2021 – Rosa Mexicano
  • QFest Houston 2021
  • El Rule Comunidad de Saberes, Cultura Comunitaria Mexico City 2021
  • La Ruta del Talento Queretaro 2022

  • Ariel Awards 2022 – Nomination Best Actress, Best Costumes, Best Make up, Best Art

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