The Bearded Mermaid



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The Bearded Mermaid.

One night, Erwan, a fisherman, enters “The Bearded Mermaid”, a cabaret where drag queens are putting on a spectacular show. He steps into a world of laughter, glitter and love that he totally embraces, opening up to these characters as joyful as they are morose.


Nicolas Bellenchombre began his cinematographic career as an intern, working with the art direction, the production management and the photography. In 2007, he directs his first short film Délivre-moi; then, in 2020, his first feature film Cowboy Camembert, co-directed by Cédric Tanguy. Alongside, he founded two festivals in Normandy and since 2020 manages the Cabaret “The Bearded Mermaid”, which is the starting point of his second feature directed in 2023.

After studying music in conservatory then at University, Arthur Delamotte founds the collective “Les Maan” with Maxence Labreux, where he directs musical videos for Noman artists. “The Bearded Mermaid”, co-directed by Nicolas Bellenchombre, is his first fiction film of which he is also the director of photography and editor.


  • Title
    The Bearded Mermaid
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    97′, col.

  • Directors
    Nicolas Bellenchombre,
    Arthur Delamotte
  • Screenplay 
    Nicolas Bellenchombre,
    Shimon Urier
  • Editing
    Arthur Delamotte
  • Photography
    Arthur Delamotte,
    Maxence Labreux

  • Music
    Antoine Rozé, Pierrick Le Bras,
    Nicolas Engel
  • Sound
    Guillaume Vallée
  • Cast
    Maxime Sartori, Fabrice Morio,
    Alonso Ojeda, Victor Grillot
  • Choreographies
    Maxime Sartori,
    Alonso Ojeda

  • Producer
    Gaëlle Jones
  • Production
    Perspective Films
  • Co-Production
    Les Maan and La Sirène à Barbe,
    with the support of Sacem

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