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Rome. Claudio is 15 years-old. Someone is writing “J’ador” on his forehead because he smells like a little girl. It’s Lauro, 18 years-old, leader of a group made of guys claiming to be fascists and doing a lot of things for a far-right party. Claudio wants to go with them to the “dinner”, but only those who belong to the group can join it, and not the little girls like him.
If he truly wants to achieve his goal, one afternoon Claudio must lose its boy scent and learn how to smell like a man.


Simone Bozzelli (1994) was born in Silvi, province of Teramo. He moved to Milan and graduated at NABA in Media Design and Multimedia Art. He wrote and directed the shorts My Brother (2015) and Loris Is Fine (2017), both presented at many international film festivals. Since 2018 he is studying Film Directing at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia of Rome. His last short film, Amateur (2019), has been in competition at the 34. Venice International Critics week.


  • Title
  • Rights
    Festivals, Sales
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    16′, col.

  • Director 
    Simone Bozzelli
  • Screenplay
    Tommaso Favagrossa, Simone Bozzelli
  • Editing
    Christian Marsiglia
  • Photography
    Callum Begley

  • Set Design
    Alberto Gramegna, Angelica Morelli
  • Costumes
    Giuseppe Amadio
  • Music
    Lillo Morreale
  • Sound
    Teresa Scarcia, Francesco Mauro
  • Cast
    Claudio Segaluscio, Federico Majorana, Lorenzo Amici, Andrei Cuciuc,
    Asadul M. Haque, Filippo Marsilli,
    Mauro Pacitto

  • Producer
    Elisabetta Bruscolini
  • Organization
    Camilla Gazzola, Isabella Gomato
  • Production 
    Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Production

  • Venice International Film Critic’s Week 2020 – Short Film Competition
  • Incinerante Medellin Youth Short Film Festival – Official Selection
  • Festival MiX Milan 2020
  • Queer Lisboa 2020 – In My Short Competition
  • Cinema Visionario Udine 2020
  • Cinema Pindemonte Verona 2020
  • Cinema Odeon Vicenza 2020
  • Multisala Cinemazero Pordenone 2020
  • IndieCork 2020
  • Munich Queer Film Festival 2020
  • Lovers Film Festival Turin 2020 – Short Film Competition
  • Chéries Chéris Film Festival Paris 2020 – Short Film Competition
  • Visioni Italiane Bolonia 2020 – Short Film Competition
  • Mezipatra Prague & Brno 2020 – Short Film Competition
  • Desenzano International Film Festival 2020 – Competition
  • Venezia a Napoli 2020
  • Passaggi d’autore – Intrecci mediterranei Sant’Antioco 2020 – Cinema Italiano Contemporaneo
  • Istituto Italiano di Cultura Istanbul 2020
  • Corto Dorico Ancora 2021 – Corto Slam
  • Queerscreen LGBTQI Film Festival France 2021
  • Vicoli Corti Massafra 2021
  • Free Aquila Festival Rome 2021
  • Los Angeles Italia Film Fashion & Art Festival 2021

  • Venice International Film Critic’s Week 2020 – Best Short Film
  • Free Aquila Festival Rome 2021 – Special Mention

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