It’s Just in My Head


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It’S Just in My Head.

Andreas and Alessandro are two friends who have known each other since their childhood. Now that they have grown up, they study at University in different cities but they always spend the summer together in the place where they were born: a seaside resort that regularly fills up with tourists every year. They have two opposite characters: taciturn and diffident Andreas, expansive and optimistic Alessandro; lonely and without sexual experiences the first, full of friends and already engaged with a girl for a long time the second. Summer is now coming to an end; both Andreas and Alessandro must return to the city to resume their University life. Andreas will be leaving in a few days, while Alessandro has to wait for his girlfriend, Daniela, to do some things in the family, in order to be able to come back with her. Before leaving, Andreas decides to give Alessandro a gift: he leaves an envelope full of printed selfies in his friend’s mailbox, some of which are dedicated on the back, hoping that Alessandro will finally be able to notice the love that Andreas always has tried for him.


Marius Gabriel Stancu was born in Bucharest in 1994.
In 2018, he started to collaborate with the international sales and production company The Open Reel, as a Festival Manager. Always in love with Cinema, in 2020, he has realised his first narrative short film, entitled It’s Just in My Head.


  • Title
    It’s Just in My Head
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    17′, col.

  • Director 
    Marius Gabriel Stancu
  • Screenplay
    Marius Gabriel Stancu
  • Editing
    Giulio Donato
  • Photography
    Lorenzo Squarcia

  • Music
    Paolo Baltaro,
    Lica Cecato
  • Sound
    Marco Volpi,
    Alessio Fieno
  • Cast
    Claudio Segaluscio,
    Carmine Fabbricatore

  • Producer
    Cosimo Santoro
  • Production 
    The Open Reel

  • RIFF Rome Independent Film Festival 2020 – Italian Short Film Competition
  • Capri, Hollywood International Film Festival 2020 – Italian Short and Medium Length Film Competition
  • Uruvatti International Film Festival Chennai 2021 – Official Selection
  • Cefalù International Film Festival 2021 – Official Selection
  • Zinegoak Bilbao 2021 – Short Film Competition
  • Brisbane Queer Film Festival 2021 – Short Film Competition
  • Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam 2021
  • Vicoli Corti Massafra 2021
  • Geelong Pride Film Festival Victoria 2021
  • Boston Wicked Queer 2021
  • OUTshine Miami 2021
  • Los Angeles Italia Film Fashion & Art Festival 2021
  • Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival 2021
  • Out Film CT Hartford 2021
  • DIGO International Film Festival on Gender and Sexuality Goiás 2021 – International Competition
  • Fire!! Barcelona 2021 – Competition
  • Oberhausen International Film Festival 2021
  • Frameline San Francisco 2021
  • qFLIX Philadelphia 2021 – Closing Night Film
  • Lovers Film Festival Torino 2021 – Short Film Competition
  • Outfest Peru Lima 2021 – Short Film Competition
  • Queer Wave Cyprus Nicosia 2021
  • Mix Mexico Mexico City 2021 – In Shorts
  • Mix Milano 2021
  • Mix Copenhagen 2021
  • Way Out West Festival Albuquerque 2021
  • Art200 Bucharest Queer Film Festival 2021
  • Chéries-Chéris Paris 2021 – Competition
  • Reel Affirmations Washington 2021
  • Mix Brasil São Paulo 2021 – International Short Film Competition
  • Seoul International Pride Film Festival 2021
  • Image + Nation Montreal 2021
  • TLVFest Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival 2021
  • Transition International Queer & Minorities Film Festival Vienna 2021
  • Grand OFF World Independent Film Award Warsaw 2021
  • Endimaris Sitges International Film Festival 2022
  • In the Palace International Short Film Festival Pernik 2022 – Italian Focus
  • QMTY Monterrey 2022
  • Shorts Mexico Mexico City 2022
  • Seoul Pride International Film Festival 2022
  • Ritorno al futuro Cagliari Cinema Odissea 2022
  • Istituto Italiano di Fotografia Milan 2023
  • Teatri di Vita Bologna 2023
  • Coming Out Days Festival LGBT Chisinau 2023

  • Uruvatti International Film Festival Chennai 2021 – Best LGBT Short Film
  • Grand OFF World Independent Film Award Warsaw 2021 – Nomination for the Best Script

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