7 Minutes






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7 Minutes.

The film takes place in Toulouse and tells the story of Jean, a 55 year-old policeman who discovers his son, Maxime, and his son’s boyfriend hanged in a hotel room. The autopsy shows that he died from an overdose of GHB, just seven minutes after his boyfriend. During an evening organized by Maxime’s friends, Jean discovers the club BISOU, where his son used to go. There, he meets Fabien. Trying to know more about what happened, Jean goes to the club several times over and is quickly welcomed by the Bisouers. Fabien becomes attached to him, and Jean starts mixing his mourning with the desire to discover his son’s world.


To date, Ricky has written and directed 7 shorts films that were distributed over 200 festivals around the globe.
He was part of Fucking Different São Paulo which had its premiere at Berlinale – Panorama 2010.
In 2018, he graduated with his Diplôme Universitaire de Recherche et Création Audiovisuel at École Nationale Supérieure d’Audiovisuel in Toulouse, France.
His short film production includes Five Minutes (2008), The Strongest (2009), Happily Ever After (2009), Koka (2011), and The Mousetrap (2016).
The Open Reel (Cosimo Santoro) has distributed his last two shorts (Xavier and The Storm) and his first feature film (7 minutes) which was part of Sofia Meetings Work in Progress (2019).
Ricky is very active in the LGBT+ festival circuit. He is the film programmer for the International Festival of Sexual and Gender Diversity in Goiás – Brazil. Also, he created RECIFEST (Festival LGBT+ in Recife, Brazil).


  • Title
    7 Minutes
  • Rights
    Festivals, Sales
  • Countries
    France, Italy
  • Year
  • Length
    76′, col.

  • Director 
    Ricky Mastro
  • Screenplay 
    Ricky Mastro
  • Editing
    Plamen Marinov, Ricky Mastro,
    Léon Diana
  • Photography
    Luca Russo

  • Sound
    Camille Taillefer
  • Cast
    Antoine Herbez, Clément Naline,
    Valentin Malguy, Paul Arvenne,
    Cedrick Spinassou, Robin Larroque,
    Valérie Prudent

  • Production
    Poney Films, The Open Reel
  • Producer
    Léon Diana, Ricky Mastro, Cosimo Santoro (associate producer),
    Yasmin Pastore Abdalla (executive producer)

  • Lovers Torino 2018 (Work in Progress)
  • Sofia Meetings 2019 (Work in Progress)
  • Lovers Film Festival Turin 2020 – Feature Film Competition
  • Sao Paulo Mix Brasil Film Festival 2020 – International Competition
  • RIFF Rome Independent Film Festival 2020 – International Feature Film Competition
  • FilmOut San Diego 2020
  • Festival For Rainbow Fortaleza 2020
  • Queerscreen LGBTQI Film Festival France 2021
  • QMTY Monterrey 2021
  • Tels Quels Festival Brussels 2021

  • Festival For Rainbow Fortaleza 2020 – Best Actor

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