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Jess & James.

Jess is a bohemian youth with secrets to hide from his shrewd parents. James feels trapped living with his irritable mother. After meeting for a sexual encounter, the two young men set off on a spontaneous road trip across rural Argentina to reunite with Jess’ estranged brother. On their journey, they confront strange occurrences and engage in a ménage à trois affair that brings them closer. Their newly found affection grows, all while discovering a fresh vision of freedom and happiness. Jess & James is a sexually charged road-trip movie, a love story, and a coming-of-age tale, set against the mythical landscape of the Argentinian Pampas.


As a director, writer, producer, actor, playwright, and novelist, Santiago Giralt is a prominent, active figure in Argentinian cinema, theater, and literature. He studied film at the Universidad del Cine and started his career as a writer. Giralt co-wrote Gemini (2005), which was premiered at the Cannes Directors’ Fortnight; and he co-wrote Lamb of God (2008), which opened the 37th Rotterdam Film Festival. Together with his partner, Federico Carol, Giralt runs the production company Los Griegos. Jess & James is the first gay-themed feature produced by Los Griegos.


  • Title
    Jess & James
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    92′, col.

  • Director
    Santiago Giralt
  • Screenplay
    Santiago Giralt
  • Editing
    Santiago Giralt
  • Photography
    Connie Martín

  • Music
  • Sound
    Nicolás Payueta
  • Cast
    Martín Karich, Nicolás Romeo,
    Federico Fontán, Denise Yañez,
    Umbra Colombo, Mónica Trejo,
    Uky Suescun, Leia Sarraute,
    León Sarraute, Lautaro Varela,
    Martina Matich Giralt,
    Juan Orlando, Aquiles Yasán,
    París Yasán, Coral Yasán

  • Special Appearance
    Alejandro Paker,
    Nahuel Mutti

  • Producers
    Federico Carol, Derek Curl,
    Andrew Chang
  • Production
    Los Griegos Films,
    TLA Releasing

  • Asterisco Buenos Aires LGBT Film Festival 2014 WIP
  • Brussels Tels Quels LGBT Film Festival 2015 WIP
  • Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival 2015
  • Rio Gay Fest 2015
  • Mix Mexico 2015
  • Mix Milano 2015
  • La Otra Banqueta Guatemala LGBT Film Festival 2015
  • Stockholm LGBT Film Festival 2015
  • Hong Kong LGBT Film Festival 2015
  • Bari BIG International Gender Film Festival 2015
  • Memphis LGBT Film Festival 2015
  • Houston LGBT Film Festival 2015
  • San Diego LGBT Film Festival 2015
  • Image + Nation Montreal LGBT Film Festivla 2015
  • Amsterdam Roze Filmdagen 2016
  • BAFICI Buenos Aires 2016
  • Cine Argentino Contemporaneo Rio de Janeiro 2016
  • Pink Apple Zurich 2016
  • Uncut Bern 2016
  • Transition Queer Film Festival Vienna 2016
  • Best of Mix Milan in Florence 2016
  • Festival Nacional de Cine Leonardo Favio Bolivar 2016
  • elculturalsanmartin Buenos Aires 2017

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