Don’t Accept Dreams from Strangers


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Don’t Accept Dreams from Strangers.

New anti-gay laws have just been approved in Russia. After a competition in St. Petersburg, Italian swimmer Massimo meets a Russian of his own age, Vladimir, working as an interpreter for the delegation of which Massimo is a member. The two men fall in love, but they will have to face the cultural barriers between them, as well as old and new macho stereotypes.


Roberto Cuzzillo was born in Turin in 1983. In 2005 he established the Enzimistudio production company and made movies, such as short film Lygofobia shown at the 64th Venice Film Festival. In 2008 he produced and directed his first feature film Senza Fine, shown at several international festivals and distributed in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Spain. In 2011 he directed his second long feature film entitled Camminando Verso. His short film Polaroid is part of the long feature film Quintet, divided in five short segments. He is currently developing his new project, I vicoli dell’anima.


  • Title
    Don’t Accept Dreams from Strangers
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    70’, col.

  • Director 
    Roberto Cuzzillo
  • Screenplay
    Roberto Cuzzillo
  • Editing
    Roberto Cuzzillo,
    Enrico Giovannone
  • Photography
    Rober Montero Recio

  • Music
    Krzysztof A. Janczak,
    Fabio Viana
  • Sound
    Fabio Coggiola
  • Cast
    Giuseppe Claudio Insalaco,
    Daniel De Rossi

  • Producers
    Roberto Cuzzillo
  • Production

  • Turin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2015
  • Toronto Inside Out LGBT Film Festival 2015
  • Salento LGBT Film Festival 2015
  • Turin Sport Film Festival 2015
  • Outphlix Philadelphia LGBT Film Festival 2015
  • Padova Pride Village 2015
  • Cagliari Uno Sguardo Normale 2015
  • Pink Apple Zurich 2016
  • L’Aquila LGBT Film Festival 2016
  • Life Festival Genova 2016
  • Mix Mexico 2016

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