Mía and Moi


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Mía and Moi.

After losing their mother, Mía and Moi take refuge in a ramshackle family home, in the countryside, in the middle of nowhere. With them, Biel, Moi’s boyfriend.
Together the three of them try to rest and heal the wounds. Especially in the case of Moi, who is recovering from a severe nervous breakdown. These are days of recovering family memories, some of them painful, of meeting again, of living without haste. The arrival of Mikel, Mía’s boyfriend, will alter the coexistence and disturb each of the inhabitants of the house in different ways. The tension grows until it explodes in an act of violence with irreversible consequences.


Mía and Moi is the first feature film written and directed by Borja de la Vega, an actor’s representative, since 2013, at Kuranda, an agency that he has run for 4 years together with its founder Katrina Bayonas. In his work as an agent, what motivates him the most is the close relationship with those represented, the day-to-day work with them, planning and developing their professional careers as a team. Before turning to acting, he worked for almost 10 years in the film distribution industry, specifically in the marketing departments of Fox and Universal. In his role as creator, he was a scriptwriter and director, together with Carlos del Hoyo, of the webseries Diarios de la Webcam, acquired by Antena3 and broadcasted on television on the Neox channel. The series had two seasons and a total of 29 episodes. His next project, already solo as a scriptwriter and director, was another web series, 60m2, a naturalistic drama about a complicated love triangle: a personal and intimate project, more in line with the type of cinema that inspires him. Launched independently on YouTube, its 12 chapters accumulate more than 300,000 views. In 2017, he made his debut as an author and theatre director with the play Amor de Niños, performed at the Intemperie Teatro in Madrid and starring Andrea Guasch and Joe Manjón.


  • Title
    Mía and Moi
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    107′, col.

  • Director
    Borja de la Vega
  • Screenplay
    Borja de la Vega
  • Editing
    Pablo Santidrián
  • Photography
    Álvaro Ruiz

  • Art Direction
    Lluna Martí
  • Music
    Pablo Martos
  • Sound
    Guillem Carvajal
  • Cast
    Bruna Cusí, Ricardo Gómez,
    Eneko Sagardoy, Joe Manjón

  • Producers
    Borja de la Vega, Toni Espinosa,
    José Pedro Trenas, Ricardo Gómez
  • Director of Production
    Helena Fernández
  • Production
    Paciencia y Barajar, Toned Media, FTFcam

  • D’A Film Festival Barcelona 2021
  • Teatro Bretón Logroño 2021
  • Chéries-Chéris Paris 2021
  • Rome International Independent Film Festival 2021 – Feature Film Competition
  • Transition International Queer & Minorities Film Festival Vienna 2021
  • FanCineGay Extremadura LGBTQI+ Film Festival Badajoz 2021
  • Chicago Latino Film Festival 2022
  • CineLatino Tübingen 2022

  • Blogos de Oro 2021 – Best Picture, Best Leading Actress, Best Leading Actor, Best Non Leading Actor and Best Music
  • Gaudí Awards 2022 – Candidated Best Picture in non Catalan Language

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