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Mani a 12-year-old boy is coming to terms with his burgeoning puberty and sexuality while navigating a series of male-dominated environments in contemporary Tehran. The film is completely from Mani’s perspective as the story revolves around an unusual love triangle between Mani, his chauffeur, and his mother.Bitter years are the years a young boy spent, with his alien sweetness, to make his life unique.


Ashkan Mehri was born on June 1, 1986. Graduated of Azad University in Agricultural Engineering, also graduated of Karnameh Arts & Culture Institute in the fields of Acting and Editing. He started his career in the field of cinema and theater acting and also film editing since 2010. Now it’s five years that he is the member of the Iranian Cinema Editors Guild (Khaneh Cinema). He edited about 60 documentaries, shorts and feature films and appeared in several feature films, shorts and theatrical pieces. As a film director, he made two documentary films as well as a short fiction film in 2019.


  • Title
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    15′, col.

  • Director 
    Ashkan Mehri
  • Screenplay 
    Ashkan Mehri
  • Editing
    Ashkan Mehri
  • Photography
    Morteza Najafi

  • Art Direction
    Ashkan Mehri,
    Raha Sherkat
  • Sound
    Saman Shahamat,
    Hossein Abolsedgh
  • Cast
    Taha Seyf, Milad Moayeri,
    Vesal Roozkhash

  • Producer
    Ashkan Mehri

  • Incinerante Medellin Youth Short Film Festival – Official Selection
  • ZeFestival Marseille, Nice 2020
  • Everybody’s Perfect Geneva 2020
  • Lovers Film Festival Turin 2020 – Short Film Competition
  • Festival Chéries-Chéris Paris 2020 – Short Film Competition
  • Pink Screens Brussels 2020
  • Queerscreen LGBTQI Film Festival France 2021
  • DIGO International Film Festival on Gender and Sexuality Goiânia 2021 – Out of Competition
  • Queer Wave Cyprus Nicosia 2021
  • Melbourne Queer Film Festival 2021
  • Pink Screens Brussels 2021

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