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A documentary filmmaker sleeps with his camera to film the dreams he has at night.


Chico Lacerda was born in Recife in 1977. He directed several short films for Brazilian film production house Sunab Filmes, including Sweet and Salty (2007), which was exhibited in many international film festivals, such as Torino GLBT Film Festival, Queer Lisboa, Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and New York Queer Experimental Film Festival. In 2012, he founded, with filmmakers André Antônio, Fábio Ramalho and Rodrigo Almeida, the independent queer film collective Surto & Deslumbramento.
His two shorts A Study in RedVirginity (2015), were exhibited and awarded throughout the world (BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival, New York Queer Experimental Film Festival, Queer City Cinema Film Festival). Chico is also a professor of the Media Studies course at the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco.


  • Title

  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    39′, b/w-col.

  • Director
    Chico Lacerda
  • Screenplay
    Chico Lacerda
  • Editing
    Chico Lacerda
  • Photography
    Victor de Melo

  • Sound
    Catharine Pimentel
  • Production Design
    André Antônio,
    Carlos Mosca
  • Costumes & Make Up
  • Cast
    Ângelo Fàbio, Anna Andrade, Bruno Goya, Chico Lacerda, Cllau Soares, Isaac Lacerda, João Henrique Lacerda,
    João Vigo, Paulo César Freire,
    Paulo Philippe, Priscila Ferraz, Rafael Guedes, Servílio de Holanda

  • Executive Producer
    Anna Andrade
  • Production Manager
    Alexandre Taquary
  • Production
    Surto & Deslumbramento

  • FENDA Festival Belo Horizonte 2022 – International Competition
  • SoCine São Paulo 2022
  • Mostra Que Desejo Rio de Janeiro 2023

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