The Riddle


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The Riddle.

It is always, out eyes alone, our way of looking at things. Nature alone knows what she means now, and what she had meant in the past“.
(J.W. Goethe – Aphorisms on Nature)


Francesco Dongiovanni (1978) lives and works in Apulia (Italy). He has been interested in ethnology, landscapes, archive, memory and anthropological cinema for a long time. He works for the production company Murex, which he founded with his collaborators.
His filmography also includes the medium-lenght films: Happiness Is a Densely Unpopulated Place, Elegies from the Beginning of the World – Of Men and Trees , Giano and Anapeson – Sleepless. His last short films are Studio (2016), co-produced by The Open Reel, and The Riddle (2017).He is also developping his first long documentary project The Unhappy Science, co-produced again by The Open Reel.


  • Title
    The Riddle
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    20′, col.

  • Director 
    Francesco Dongiovanni
  • Screenplay
    Based uponThe Riddle of Universe by Ernst Haeckel
  • Editing
    Francesco Dongiovanni
  • Photography
    Francesco Dongiovanni

  • Music
    Roberto Salahaddin Re David
  • Sound
    Graziano Cammisa,
    Roberto Salahaddin Re David

  • Producer 
    Francesco Dongiovanni
  • Executive Producer
    Marco Cardetta,
    Rosario Milano
  • Production
    Francesco Dongiovanni
  • Executive Production

  • Torino Film Festival 2017 – Italian Short Film Competition
  • Imaginaria Conversano 2018
  • Avvistamenti – Made in Italy Bisceglie 2018
  • Tressette Sala Javarone Gioia del Colle 2022
  • Collegio Don Mazza Padova 2023

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