If We Keep Talking in Summer Days


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If We Keep Talking in Summer Days.

In a small city in the north, the time of midsummer is very short. Two boys get to know each other by chance and agree to meet by a lake. But one of them doesn’t keep the agreement, and it begins to rain heavily.


Liu Haotian is a young director, independent filmmaker who’s living in the northeast of China. He started making short films as a student since 2015. He is currently working on documentaries and short films. His documentary film Kiss the Wind was selected to be a part of 2022 VdR-Film Market. Liu Haotian has years of film-learning experience and If We Keep Talking in Summer Days is his first LGBT short film.


  • Title
    If We Keep Talking in Summer Days
  • Rights
  • Countries
  • Year
  • Length
    15′, col.

  • Director 
    Liu Haotian
  • Screenplay
    Liu Haotian

  • Editing
    Liu Haotian
  • Photography
    Li Zexin

  • Sound
    Chen Zehua

  • Cast
    Li Zhe, Yin Jihao,
    Zhang Yuezhuo

  • Producers 
    Fang Yang Haonan,
    Liu Haotian

  • Freiburg Gay Film Festival 2023
  • Last Frame Queer Film Festival London 2023
  • Festival Mix Brasil São Paulo 2023 – Shorts Programme
  • Seoul International Pride Film Festival 2023

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