The Good Manners


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The Good Manners.

Valeria (17) is an introverted teenager who likes to dance alone. Her parents take her to the family farmhouse to celebrate her grandparents’ golden wedding. In this place she meets her cousin Sol (16), whom she had not seen for years. Valeria and Sol share the same room for a week in which Valeria must face her sexual awakening amid the repression of her parents and she will discover a dark secret that her family hides in those lands.


Santiago León is an audiovisual and multimedia communicator at the University of Antioquia. Specialist in cinematography direction at the Barcelona Film School (ECIB). Co-founder of the production company Mudra Films, a company in which he has worked since 2016 as director and executive producer. Manager and curator of Incinerante Fest, a festival of independent shorts with a youth theme. Programmer of the BiciCine, project of the Corporación Civiles. He is currently working on his second feature film, Samurai, a beneficiary project of the Colombian Fund for Cinematographic Development (FDC) in the Fiction Feature Film Writing category.


  • Title
    The Good Manners
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    84′, col.

  • Director
    Santiago León Cuéllar
  • Screenplay
    Santiago León Cuéllar,
    Michelle Lamus Betancur
  • Editing
    Santiago León Cuéllar,
    Mika Nivola
  • Photography
    Liberman Arango

  • Sound
    Silverwolf Studios,
    Carlos Arcila 
  • Music
    Santiago León Cuéllar
  • Production Designers
    Edna Sierra,
    Paula Ciro 
  • Cast
    Valeria Lopez, Valentina Noreña,
    Daniel Martinez, Yanet Osorio

  • Executive Producers
    Michelle Lamus Betancur,
    Santiago León Cuéllar
  • Production Manager
    Maria Angélica Ossa
  • Production
    Mudra Films

  • FICCI Cartagena International Film Festival 2022 – Work in Progress
  • Liepzig Queer Film Festival 2023
  • Wicked Queer Boston 2023
  • Cali International Film Festival 2023 – National Features
  • Festival Internacional de Cine de Marinilla 2023
  • Miradas Medellin 2023
  • Casa Ninguno Medellin 2024
  • Morada Medellin 2024

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