The Island


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The Island.

Rosa and her friends have decided to spend the night on “the island”, a stretch of beach that has become their realm. It’s the last night of the summer, they’re turning eighteen, the time to live it all. To write and rehearse this film, Damien Manivel brought together seven teenagers in Brittany, in the summer of 2022. Due to lack of funding, the filming planned for the following month had to be canceled and the project abandoned. However, today, The Island exists, with Rosa, her friends, the last night of summer, the time to live it all. 


After working as a dancer, Damien Manivel directed several remarked short films including The Lady with the Dog, which won the Jean Vigo Prize. Since 2014, he has written and directed six feature films presented at the major film festivals, including A Young Poet (2014), receiving the Special Mention of Jury Cineasti del Presente in Locarno and winner of the Pesaro Film Festival among others, The Park (2016), presented at the Cannes Acid and winner in Jeonju, Takara–The Night I Swam (2018), presented in Venice, Isadora’s Children (2019), awarded with the Best Director Prize in Locarno and Magdala which made its world premiere at the ACID Cannes 2022 selection.


  • Title
    The Island
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    73′, col.

  • Director
    Damien Manivel
  • Screenplay 
    Damien Manivel
  • From an original idea by
    Damien Manivel and Julien Dieudonné
  • Editing
    Damien Manivel
  • Photography
    Mathieu Gaudet

  • Sound
    Jérôme Petit,
    Simon Apostolou

  • Cast
    Damoh Ikheteah, Olga Milshtein, Ninon Botz, Youn Berder, Jules Danger, Celeste Duménil, Rosa Berder

  • Producers
    Martin Bertier,
    Damien Manivel
  • Production
    MLD Films

  • FIDMarseille 2023 – French Competition
  • Yamagata International Doc Film Festival 2023 – International Competition
  • San Sebastian International Doc Film Festival 2023 – Zabaltegi Tabakalera Competition
  • Cinéma Saint-André des Arts Paris 2023
  • FicValdivia 2023 – Gala
  • Message to Man Film Festival Saint Petersburg 2023 – New Voices
  • Smells Like Teens Film Festival Paris 2023
  • Torino Film Festival – Out of Competition 2023
  • Festival de Cinéma Travelling Rennes 2024
  • D’A Film Festival Barcelona 2024 – Radar
  • Jeonju International Film Festival 2024 – World Cinema
  • Cosquin Independent International Film Festival 2024 – Feature Film Competition

  • FIDMarseille 2023 – Cine + Distribution Award, Special Mention French Film Competition, Special Mention European Students Fondation Vacances Bleues

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