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Barrio Boy.

Barrio Boy tells the story of Quique (pronounced KEE-kay), a Nuyorican barber living in a rapidly changing Brooklyn neighbourhood who embarks on an erotically charged odyssey of self discovery. A chance encounter on a basketball court sparks an instant attraction between Quique and a handsome Irish stranger passing through town to settle his late father’s affairs. As this friendship blossoms, so do suspicions about the nature of their relationship, especially to the jealous eye of Cuz, Quique’s childhood friend turned local bully. Quique’s quest for love and self-acceptance is further realised as he navigates his way through complex and often messy layers of sexuality, family, friends, race and class.


Dennis Shinners is an Emmy award winning promotional content creator and filmmaker based in NYC. He has created multiple campaigns for AMC, IFC, Nickelodeon, WE Tv, TV Land and most recently Peacock among several other networks and brands. His short films, including Area X (2007) or Barrio Boy (the short, 2013), have collectively screened at over 100 festivals worldwide. Barrio Boy is his first feature film.


  • Title
    Barrio Boy
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    82′, col.

  • Director
    Dennis Shinners
  • Screenplay 
    Dennis Shinners
  • Editing
    Dennis Shinners,
    Carl Vasile
  • Photography
    Garrett Shannon

  • Art Direction
    Sam Wegner

  • Casting Direction
    Liz Ortiz

  • Makeup
    Magdalena Buczkowska
  • Sound
    Samuel Durand,
    Kym Lukacs

  • Cast
    Denns Garcia, James Physick, Keet Davis, Manny Ureña, Pierre Jean Gonzalez, Michael Borrelli, Teresa Yenque, Caitlin Mehner, Andrea Morales, Scott Lindley, Lou Liberatore, Nancy Ticotin

  • Producers
    Crystal McIntosh, Liz Ortiz Mackes, Dennis Shinners
  • Production
    Cautious Films, The Lavender Tangent,
    I Ain’t Playin’ Films

  • Iris Prize Cardiff 2022
  • Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam 2023
  • Queergestreift Festival Konstanz 2023
  • Gaze Film Festival Dublin 2023
  • Out on Film Atlanta 2023
  • New York Latino Film Festival 2023
  • Cinema Diverse Palm Springs 2023
  • Queer Spectrum Monthly Screenings Agliff Austin 2023
  • Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2023
  • Newark LGBTQ Film Festival 2024

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