The External Gaze


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The External Gaze.

Internal and visual notes of an elderly director about to shoot her latest documentary. An intimate monologue suspended between past and present: thoughts, images, moods, primordial landscapes, the gazes of three traveling artists (Vittorio Alinari, Gaston Vuillier, Paolo Ventura) become suggestions and an author’s search for elusive inspiration.


Peter Marcias (Oristano, 1977) is a director and screenwriter. In 2008, after shooting several shorts, he made his debut with Suspended Hours, followed by The Children of His Life (2011), My Destiny (2012), Our Quarantine (2015). His works, presented in the most prestigious international film festivals, testify to a strong interest in a cinema linked to artistic, social and political themes. Among the documentaries he has directed, his 2010 Liliana Cavani was nominated for the 2011 Silver Ribbon – Nastri d’Argento; About Piera (2013), on the figure of the great actress Piera Degli Esposti, received the special Silver Ribbon – Nastro d’Argento in 2014 and was broadcast with great success on Sky Arte; Nilde Iotti, Women’s Turn (2020) was screened as a world premiere at the Giornate degli Autori of the 77th Venice Film Festival.


  • Title
    The External Gaze
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    22′, col.

  • Director 
    Peter Marcias
  • Screenplay
    Peter Marcias
  • Editing
    Fabrizio Federico
  • Photography
    Micaela Cauterucci,
    Filippo Genovese

  • Music
    Marco Biscarini
  • Sound
    Fabio Russo
  • Costumes
    Filippo Grandulli
  • Cast
    Elena Cotta, Emilio Puggioni,
    Daniel Dwerryhouse, Paolo Ventura,
    Luca Cappai

  • Producer
    Peter Marcias
  • Production 
    Fondazione di Sardegna, AR/S – Arte Condivisa in Sardegna, Ultima Onda Produzioni

  • Torino Film Festival 2022 – Italian Short Film Competition
  • Ismailia International Film Festival 2023 – Short Documentary Competition
  • Cinema Odissea Cagliari 2023
  • Ischia Global Fest 2023 – Viva il cinema d’estate
  • Passaggi d’autore Intrecci Mediterranei Sant’Antioco 2023
  • Italy on Screen Today New York Film & TV Series Festival 2023
  • Docusfera Rome 2023

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