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Bitter Years.

Bitter Years retraces the life of Mario Mieli, among the founders of the Italian Homosexual Liberation Movement, created at the beginning of the Seventies. Born in 1952 in Milan, Mario killed himself in 1983, before he was 31. He was an activist, an intellectual, a writer and a performer: a key figure in the Italian cultural panorama at that time, together with his friends architect Corrado Levi, painter Piero Fassoni singer Ivan Cattaneo, activist Angelo Pezzana, writer Fernanda Pivano and poet Milo De Angelis. He liked to provoke and to be an innovator but, today, his thought has been completely forgotten. A son of the upper-middle class and second-last of seven children, he spent an entire life having a complicate relationship with his parents, Water and Liderica and the last years of his life together with his love Umberto Pasti, in a very difficult and intense love story.

Bitter years are the years a young boy spent, with his alien sweetness, to make his life unique. His name was Mario, or, if you prefer, Maria.


Andrea Adriatico (L’Aquila, 1968) is one of the most relevant theatre directors from his generation (90’s) and a film director, a journalist, an architect, and a professor of film theory at the Bologna University D.A.M.S.
In 1993, he founded the international center Teatri di Vita. Between the 2000 and 2002 he directed three short films: Anarchie, L’auto del silenzio and Pugni e su di me si chiude un cielo, premiered at the Venice Film Festival. In 2004, his first feature film, The Wind, in the Evening was premiered at the Berlinale and in 2007, his second feature Andres and Me was preferred at the London BFI Film Festival.
In 2010, he directed, together with Giulio Maria Corbelli, the documentary +o- Il sesso confuso, racconti di mondi nell’era dell’AIDS, trying to make a point of situation on the pandemic who has overwhelmed our century. His last documentary has been directed in 2015 and is entitled Torri, checche e tortellini.


  • Title
    Bitter Years
  • Rights
    Festivals, Sales
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    112′, col.

  • Director 
    Andrea Adriatico
  • Screenplay 
    Grazia Verasani, Stefano Casi,
    Andrea Adriatico
  • Editing
    Chiara Marotta
  • Photography
    Gianmarco Rossetti

  • Art Direction
    Giovanni Santecchia
  • Sound
    Bernadetta Signorin
  • Cast
    Nicola Di Benedetto, Sandra Ceccarelli, Antonio Catania, Tobia De Angelis, Lorenzo Balducci, Giovanni Cordì, Francesco Martino, Davide Merlini

  • Producer
    Saverio Peschechera
  • Production
    Cinemare, with Rai Cinema
  • In collaboration with
    Pavarotti International 23 srl

  • Rome International Film Festival 2019 – Pre-Opening
  • Calgary Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival 2020
  • Bergamo Uci Cinemas Orio al Serio 2020
  • Florence Uci Luxe Campi Bisenzio 2020
  • Milan Cinema Beltrade 2020
  • Milan Cinema Centrale 2020
  • Milan Uci Cinemas Bicocca 2020
  • Rome Uci Cinemas Porta di Roma 2020
  • Treviso Cinema Edera 2020
  • Verona Uci Cinema 2020
  • Lissone Uci Cinema 2020
  • Casoria Uci Cinema 2020
  • Reggio Emilia Uci Cinema 2020
  • Rome Uci Cinemas RomaEst 2020
  • Trieste Cinema Nazionale 2020
  • Pordenone Cinema Zero 2020
  • Trevignano Romano Cinema Palma 2020
  • Pesaro Cinema Solaris 2020
  • Roma Cinema Madison 2020
  • Spoleto Sala Pegasus 2020
  • Turin Arena Cinema Castello 2020
  • Cremona Spaziocinema 2020
  • Turin Cinema Centrale 2020
  • Milan Cinema Anteo 2020
  • Spoleto Spazio Collicola 2020
  • Palermo Cinema Aurora 2020
  • Mercogliano Movieplex 2020
  • Cavriago Multisala Novecento 2020
  • Genzano Cinema Cynthianum 2020
  • Belluno Cinema Italia 2020
  • Mercogliano Movieplex 2020
  • Campi Bisenzio Uci Cinema 2020

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