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Otherness is a documentary that collects the diverse voices of the lesbian community in Catalonia. A genealogy which comprehends four generations, and a very intimate journey through intertwining lives, allowing us to understand what is it like to exist within a world made of heterosexual structures whilst belonging to the LGBTIQ+ collective. Otherness is an emotional and contemporary material bringing to the screen other possible lives we might never have thought of.


Alba Cros Pellisé co-directed her first film Las Amigas de Ágata (2015) with Laia Alabart, Laura Rius and Marta Verheyen. She has directed the documentary Resiliència (2020) for the 2020 National Culture Awards of the CoNCA and she has worked with Carlos Marquès-Marcet in The Days to Come. Otherness is her second feature documentary.

Nora Haddad Casadevall is a sound engineer, sociologist and musician. She began to investigate the world of audible and social art with a master’s degree in the University of Barcelona. She has led several projects related to sound art. She is currently working as a sound designer and sound enginee in films. Otherness is her firs film as co-director and co-scripwritter.


  • Title
  • Rights
    Festivals, Sales
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    91′, col.

  • Directors
    Alba Cros Pellisé,
    Nora Haddad Casadevall
  • Script
    Alba Cros Pellisé,
    Nora Haddad Casadevall
  • Editing
    Nila Núñez Urgel, Alba Cros Pellisé
  • Photography
    Alba Cros Pellisé

  • Music
    Maria Arnal
  • Sound
    Nora Haddad Casadevall,
    Josefina Rozenwasser
  • Cast
    Manorly Rubio, Kali Sudhra, Mo Benet,
    Alf Anguil, Dolors Majoral and Núria Aleu, Fatou Diagne and Gina Balde

  • Producer
    Andrea H. Catalá
  • Executive Producers
    Andrea H. Catalá, Almudena Monzú
  • Production
    Amor y Lujo

  • Malaga International Film Festival 2023 – Documentary Competition
  • Barcelona D’A Film Festival 2023 – Un impulso colectivo
  • Muestra de Cine Lésbico Madrid 2023
  • Ull Nu Film Festival Andorra la Vella 2023
  • Zinentiendo Zaragoza 2023
  • Mostra Fire!! Barcelona 2023

  • Ull Nu Film Festival Andorra la Vella 2023 – Best Feature

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