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When I was 13, I was told that my Aunt Lilia was actually my mother’s lover. Then, they separated and I never saw her again. 27 years later I ask my mother about Lilia, herself and her decisions, as I confront my own desire to be a mother. Our conversations about the past help us to come to terms with our present.


Aseneth Suárez Ruiz studied documentary production in Barcelona. She won the PARES grand of the European Union to make the short documentary Mujeres en la Cumbre (2009). She co-directed with Patrick Alexander the documentary Parador Húngaro (2015), released in commercial theaters in Hungary and Colombia, winner of two audience awards at Jameson CineFest and at the Trieste Film Festival. She was creative producer through Máquina Andante of the documentary Después de Norma (2019) by Jorge Botero and executive producer of the documentary Llinás el Cerebro y El Universo (2018) by Gonzalo Argandoña. She directed her second feature film Clara (2021) winner of a Bogliasco scholarship, a FDC stimulus and a co-production with the Colombian channel Señal Colombia, currently in distribution. She also co-directed with Patrick Alexander These Are Not Our Memories (2021), a short documentary winner of the Idartes scholarship, soon to be released. On television, she is the creator of the format and creative producer of the animated series Cuentazos con Efectazos, awarded on Kidscreen, Japan Prize, ComKids, BAM, and producer of the upcoming animated series Fuerzas Invisibles. She was the director and camerawoman of the documentary series Voces de Familia (2007) and producer of the documentary series Banderas en Marte (2004 to 2007). Currently she works researching and writing non-fiction projects for Channels Capital and Discovery.


  • Title
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    80′, col.

  • Director
    Aseneth Suárez Ruiz
  • Screenplay
    Aseneth Suárez Ruiz, Andrés Porras,
    Patrick Alexander
  • Editing
    Andrés Porras ECCA
  • Photography
    Patrick Alexander

  • Music
    Lucas Ariza Manzano
  • Sound
    Patrick Alexander,
    Eduardo Serrano
  • Cast
    Clara Inés Ruiz, Lilia Panche, Melany Ruiz,
    Patrick Alexander, Aseneth Suárez Ruiz
  • Investigation
    Aseneth Suárez Ruiz

  • Producer
    Andrea Said Camargo
  • Production
    Aseneth Suárez Ruiz, with Máquina Andante Media Lab and Canal Señal Colombia

  • MIDBO International Documentary Film Festival Bogotá 2021
  • Human Rights International Film Festival Bogotá 2021
  • Narrar el Futuro Festival Creative Commons and New Media Bogotá 2021
  • Gender Bender Bolonia 2022
  • Lesgaicinemad Madrid 2022 – Documentary Competition
  • Cali International Film Festival 2022
  • Miradas Medellin 2022 – Colombian Feature Film Competition
  • Festival Internacional de Cine de Tunja FICTU 2022
  • La Habana Latin American Film Festival 2022
  • London BFI Flare 2023
  • FICCI Cartagena de Indias 2023 – Cine en los barrios
  • Centro Atico – Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Bogotá 2023
  • Ciclo Rosa Bogotá 2023
  • Cinema Pride Madrid 2023
  • Coming Out Days Festival LGBT Chisinau 2023
  • Cine en Feminino Bogotá 2023

  • TAL Awards 2022 – Nominated in the Gender & Diversity Perspective category
  • Cali International Film Festival 2022 – María Award Best National Feature Film
  • Lesgaicinemad Madrid 2022 – Best Direction Documentary Competition

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