Clear Nights

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Clear Nights.

Clear Nights tells the story of two siblings, in a time when they both rediscover themselves, face their problems and undergo a profound inner transformation. Lidia struggles to cope with her newborn baby: she can’t handle the expectations, doesn’t recogniSe her body, and distances herself from home and her boyfriend. Her brother Lauro works in a funeral agency. Divorced with a son, he grapples with accepting his bisexuality. Though the siblings rarely saw each other, their shared challenges bring them closer on a journey of rediscovery and profound inner transformation. The light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an illusion; the tunnel is.


Writer and director of the short fiction films Amor Cego / Three to Tango, (2010, 25’) and Pas de Quoi (11’, 2020), Paulo Filipe Monteiro wrote and directed the fiction feature film Zeus (2017, 117’), which won 13 prizes, including thge Best Actor Prize at the 4th Indian Film Festival in Mumbai, four Prizes in the Official Selection of the XXII Paths of Portuguese Cinema (Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Wardrobe, Best Make-up) and the Grand-Prix and Best Male Performance at the 14th Agadir Festival Cinéma et Migrations. Clear Nights is his second feature film.


  • Title
    Clear Nights
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    100′, col.

  • Director
    Paulo Filipe Monteiro
  • Screenplay
    Paulo Filipe Monteiro
  • Editing
    João Braz
  • Photography
    Manuel Pinho Braga
  • Art Direction
    Luísa Bebiano

  • Sound
    Olivier Blanc
  • Music
    Jorge Moniz

  • Cast
    Beatriz Godinho, Duarte Melo,
    Romeu Runa, Custódia Gallego,
    Lídia Franco, António Durães,
    Pedro Lacerda, Rita Loureiro

  • Producers
    Pandora da Cunha Telles,
    Pablo Iraola
  • Production
    Ukbar Filmes

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