Brief Story from the Green Planet


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Brief Story from the Green Planet.

Tania is a trans girl who performs at discos in Buenos Aires. Pedro is a young creature of the night, a voguing dancer. Daniela works as a waitress and deals with a break-up that’s left her in deep melancholia. The three of them are close friends. When Tania receives the news that her grandmother has passed away, she returns to their hometown with her two friends to take care of the house she’s left her as an inheritance. But she finds out that an Alien has accompanied her grandmother during her last years, keeping her company. The grandma asks Tania to return the creature to the place where it appeared the first time. Tania, Pedro and Daniela begin a journey looking for that unknown place. But when Tania begins to feel sick and the road gets tough, they will have to look inside of themselves to overcome their fears and prove their true friendship so they can accomplish their mission before it is too late for the Alien and maybe for Tania.


Santiago Loza was born in 1971, in Córdoba, Argentina. Director, Playwright and Writer. He studied at the Cinema School of the National Institute of Cinematography and at the Municipal School of Dramatic Art. His films have appeared in numerous festivals, obtaining multiple national and international awards. His first feature film, Strange (2003) won in 2003 the Tiger Award, Best Picture, at the Rotterdam Film Festival, as well as the Best Argentine Film Award at Bafici in the same year, among others. He wrote his second feature Four Women Barefoot (2005) at the Residence of the Cannes Film Festival. He made the experimental film Artic (2008), and the documentary Rosa Patria (2009) for which he won the special prize of the jury of the Argentine Competition in Bafici 2009. His feature film The Invention of Flesh (2009) took part in the Official Selection of the 2009 Locarno Festival. The Lips (2010), co-directed with Ivan Fund, participated in the section Un Certain Regard, of the Official Selection of the Cannes Festival of 2010 and won the prize ‘Best Director’ in Bafici’s Argentine Competition 2010. He presented La paz (2013) in the Forum of the Festival of Berlin and was winner of Best Film in Bafici 2013. In 2014 he presents Si je suis perdu, c’est pas grave (2014) film made under the Chantiers Nomades of France and creates the TV series Twelve Houses, issued by Argentinian Public Television. He was jury at the Festivals of Lima, Bafici, Sanfic, Toulouse, Cannes, among others. He also works as a scriptwriter and writes for theater having received the national prizes Trinidad Guevara, Theaters of the World, Konex and nominations to the prizes Florencio Sanchez and María Guerrero. In 2018 he published his first novel El hombre que duerme a mi lado with Tusquets editor. His previous film Malambo, the Good Man (2018) was presented in the Panorama of the Festival of Berlin in 2018.


  • Title
    Brief Story from the Green Planet
  • Rights
  • Countries
    Argentina, Germany,
    Brazil, Spain
  • Year
  • Length
    75′, col.

  • Director 
    Santiago Loza
  • Screenplay
    Santiago Loza
  • Editing
    Iair Michel Attias,
    Lorena Moriconi
  • Photography
    Eduardo Crespo

  • Sound
    Tiago Bello,
    Nahuel Palenque
  • Music
    Diego Vainer
  • Cast
    Romina Escobar, Paula Grinszpan,
    Luis Soda, Elvira Onetto,
    Pablo Cura, Anabella Bacigalupo,
    Leo Kildare Louback

  • Producer
    Constanza Sanz Palacios
  • Co-Producers
    Paulo de Carvalho, Gudula Meinzolt,
    Ángeles Hernández, David Matamoros, Luana Melgaço
  • Production
    Constanza Sanz Palacios Films
  • Co-Production
    Zentropa Spain, Autentika Films,

  • Berlin International Film Festival 2019 – Panorama
  • Kino International Berlin 2019 – Teddy Award Night
  • Wicked Queer Film Festival Boston 2019
  • Istanbul International Film Festival 2019 – Where Are You My Love?
  • BAFICI Buenos Aires 2019 – National Competition
  • ReelOut Festival Charlotte 2019
  • FICIC Independent International Film Festival Cosquin 2019 – Opening Title
  • Lovers Film Festival Turin 2019 – Feature Film Competition
  • Pink Apple Film Festival Zurich 2019
  • Skopje International Film Festival 2019 – Queer Cinema Days
  • Acid Trip Cannes 2019
  • Shanghai Queer Film Festival 2019
  • Inside Out LGBT Film Festival Toronto 2019
  • TLV Fest Tel Aviv 2019
  • Olhar de Cinema Curitiba 2019 – Closing Night Title
  • Comfama Caldas Medellin 2019
  • Sonson Medellin 2019
  • Frameline San Francisco 2019 – International Narrative Feature Film Competition
  • Quito Latin American Film Festival 2019 – Closing Night Title
  • Queer North Film Festival Sudbury 2019
  • Epa Cine Palomar 2019
  • OutFest Los Angeles 2019
  • Amor Festival Santiago del Chile, Valparaiso, Antofagasta 2019
  • Neuchatel Fantastic Film Festival 2019
  • Monterrey Queer Film Festival 2019
  • LV♥IFFR Encore Rotterdam International Film Festival 2019
  • Gaze Film Festival Dublin 2019
  • Arbol Rojo Bacalar 2019
  • Pride Prague 2019
  • Austin aGLIFF 2019 – Narrative Feature Film Competition
  • Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival 2019 – Official Seletion Competition
  • Lima International Film Festival 2019
  • Reeling Chicago 2019 – Narrative Feature Film Competition
  • Taiwan Queer Film Festival 2019 – Closing Night Title
  • Humen Film Festival Budapest 2019
  • VECINE Villa de Crespo Film Festival 2019
  • FicViña Viña del Mar 2019 – Feature Film Competition
  • Scottish Queer International Film Festival Glasgow 2019
  • Queer Film Festival Bremen 2019
  • Portland Queer Film Festival 2019
  • Seattle Queer Film Festival 2019
  • Queer Lisboa 2019 – Feature Film Competition
  • Biarritz Latin American Film Festival – Out of Competition
  • NewFest New York 2019
  • Cuorum Morelia 2019
  • Bogotà International Film Festival 2019
  • QC Quezon City International Film Festival 2019 – Rainbow QC
  • ZeFestival Nice, Marseille 2019
  • Everybody’s Perfect Geneva International Queer Film Festival 2019
  • Cambridge International Film Festival 2019
  • Iowa City Cinematheque 2019 – International Writing Program
  • Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival 2019
  • Kino Latino Cologne 2019
  • Kaleidoscope LGBT Film Festival Little Rock 2019
  • Queersicht Bern 2019
  • Latino Film Festival Saarbrücken 2019
  • Chéries-Chéris Festival Paris 2019 – Feature Film Competition
  • For Rainbow Festival Fortaleza 2019
  • Llamale H Montevideo 2019 – Feature Film Competition
  • Cineteca Nacional Mexico City 2019
  • Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2019- Out of Competition
  • El Lugar Sin Limites Quito 2019
  • Lesgaicinemad Madrid 2019
  • Cinemania Mexico City 2019
  • Mix Brasil São Paulo 2019
  • Mezipatra Prague, Brno 2019
  • Munich Latin American Film Festival 2019
  • Queertactics International Film Festival Vienna 2019
  • Cinema da Fronteira Pachamama Rio Branco 2019
  • Festival Márgenes Madrid 2019
  • Tulum International Film Festival 2019
  • Asterisco LGBT Film Festival Buenos Aires 2019
  • Semana del Cine Argentino Santa Fe 2019
  • Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival 2019
  • Melbourne Queer Film Festival 2020
  • Costa Rica International Film Festival San José 2020 – Queer Section
  • Centro Niemeyer Avilés 2020
  • Daimon Streaming International Film Festival 2020
  • Queerzzine Castellò de la Plana 2020
  • OUTstream Film Festival Charlotte 2020
  • Ciclo Raosa Bogotà 2020
  • “I View World” Human Rights Film Festival New Delhi 2020
  • Circulo Bellas Artes Madrid 2020
  • Wellington Museum 2021
  • BAFICI Buenos Aires 2021 – Special Screening
  • Monterrey Queer Film Festival 2021
  • Pride Week Cine Tonalá Mexico City 2021
  • Het Hem Amsterdam 2021
  • Queer Days Rome 2021
  • Nuremberg Latin American Film Festival 2022
  • Ciclo Cine Argentino Hangar Santurce Museum of Contemporary Art San Juan 2022
  • Centro Cultural Kirchner Buenos Aires 2022
  • Fundación SAGAI Buenos Aires 2022
  • Teatri di Vita Bologna 2023

  • Berlin International Film Festival 2019 – Teddy Award for the Best Feature, Readers Award
  • BAFICI Buenos Aires 2019 – Special Mention National Feature Competition, Best Feature ACCA Award
  • OutFest Los Angeles 2019 – Best Screenplay
  • FicViña Viña del Mar 2019 – Distribution Award
  • Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival 2019 – Blood Window Award, Queer Kong Award
  • For Rainbow Fortaleza 2019 – Best Foreign Feature Film
  • Blood Window Award for the Best Latin American Feature Buenos Aires 2019 – Nomination for Best Latin Americn Feature
  • Platino Awards 2020 – Candidate for Best Film
  • Condor de Plata Awards 2020 – Nomination for Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Emerging Actress, Best Editing, Best Sound,
  • Condor de Plata Awards 2020 – Best Screenplay, Best Emerging Actress
  • Best National Screenplay for Cinema in Argentina 2023

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