Venus in Nykes


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Venus in Nykes.

Darling, he came to see me again today. I end every session more shook than the last. Because, unlike all my other patients, he shows no discomfort whatsoever with his sexual freakishness. On the contrary. I maintain my diagnosis: acute melancholia and flight from reality. He goes so deep in his delusion sometimes that he imagines he’s some kind of prophet. As if he was part of a cult.


André Antônio was born in Recife in 1988. He worked as a film editor for several movies from Pernambuco before founding, with filmmakers Chico Lacerda, Fábio Ramalho and Rodrigo Almeida, the independent queer film collective Surto & Deslumbramento. In 2015, his first feature, The Cult, premiered at Rio de Janeiro Int’l Film Festival and was exhibited in many international film festivals. He has now finished his new film, Venus in Nykes, and is preparing to shoot his second feature, Salomé.


  • Title
    Venus in Nykes
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    41′, col.

  • Director
    André Antônio
  • Screenplay
    André Antônio
  • Editing
    André Antônio
  • Photography
    Chico Lacerda

  • Sound
    Chico Lacerda
  • Production Design
    André Antônio
  • Costumes
    André Antônio
  • Make Up
  • Cast
    André Antônio,
    Aristeu Portela

  • Producers
    Dora Amorim, Julia Machado,
    Thaís Vidal, André Antônio,
    Aristeu Portela, Chico Lacerda
  • Production
    Surto & Deslumbramento,
    Ponte Produtoras

  • Valdivia International Film Festival 2021 – Feature Film Competition
  • Chéries-Chéris Paris 2021 – Competition
  • Mix Brasil São Paulo 2021 – Brazilian Feature & Medium Length Competition
  • International Short Film Festival Belo Horizonte 2021 – Out of Competition
  • São Luís International Film Festival 2021
  • Berlin Critics’Week 2022
  • La Fête du Slip Geneva 2022
  • Lichter International Film Festival Frankfurt 2022
  • Rio Gay Film Festival 2022
  • New Horizons International Film Festival Wroclaw 2022 – Visual Front
  • Quelly – Mostra Nacional de Cinema de Gênero e Sexualidade São Luis 2022
  • Mostra Que Desejo Maceiò 2022
  • Luststreifen Film Festival Basel 2022
  • Berlin Porn Film Festival 2022
  • SoCine São Paulo 2022
  • Muestra Arder Posadas 2022
  • Mostra Que Desejo Rio de Janeiro 2023
  • Excéntrico Film Festival Valparaiso 2023
  • Pawilon Poznan 2023
  • Fringe! Queer Film and Arts Fest London 2023
  • Cinema da Fundaçao Recife 2023
  • Perequeté: cinema queer nordestino CCBB Rio de Janeiro 2024

  • Mix Brasil São Paulo 2021 – Best Screenplay Brazilian Feature & Medium Length Competition

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