The Silent Generation


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The Silent Generation.

This documentary wants to pay a tribute to the Barcelona’s LGBTQI older people, to the pioneers of the “movement” as well as to those who have been anonymous, through the narration in first person of events and elements that have marked their lives: the religious education, the repression from the Franco dictatorship, the democracy, and the first LGTBQI, AIDS or gay marriage associations.


Ferran Navarro-Beltrán is a filmmaker and graphic designer from Barcelona, he has been working as a freelance designer for 8 years. His first short film The Orchid has been selected in more than 60 international film festivals. The same happened also to his last short film Forget-Me-Not, realised in 2018.


  • Title
    The Silent Generation
  • Rights
    Festivals, Sales
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    61′, b/w-col

  • Director
    Ferran Navarro-Beltrán
  • Screenplay 
    Ferran Navarro-Beltrán
  • Editing
    Irene Blecua, Juan Malcolm
  • Photography
    Jep Brengaret, Mehdi Agreb

  • Music
    Jesús Díaz
  • Sound
    Felipe Aragó
  • Cast
    Jordi Petit, Armand de Fluvià, Isabel Franc, Silvia Reyes, Maria Giralt, Ferran Pujol, Jordi Griset, Leopold Estapé, Beatriz Espejo, Rosa Mª Maristany, Fina Campas, Llibert Ferri, Antoni Prades, Paulina Blanco, Gina Serra, Joana López, Fernanda Ariño, Mercè Pons, Yolanda Terol, Laura Soro, Àngels Torregrosa, Jaume Roca, Eliseu Picó

  • Producer
    Josep Amorós
  • Production
    Amoros Producciones

  • Madrid Lesgaincinemad 2020 – Documentary Competition
  • OutFest Santo Domingo 2020
  • Ljubljana LGBT Film Festival 2020
  • Des Images aux Mots Toulouse 2021
  • Queerzzine Castellón de la Plana 2021
  • Cineteca Guadalajara 2021
  • Festival la Gran Pantalla Barcelona 2021
  • Mostra Out LGTBQI + Film Festival Palma de Mallorca 2021
  • Zinenetiendo Zaragoza 2021
  • Perlen Queer Film Festival Hannover 2021
  • Cine Teatro Victoria Monzón 2021
  • Zinenetiendo Monzón 2021
  • Zinenetiendo Teruel 2021
  • Festival De Cine de Sant Andreu de la Barca – Premios Oriana 2021
  • PriMed Documentary Film Festival Marseille 2021

  • OutFest Santo Domingo 2020 – Audience Award
  • Festival De Cine de Sant Andreu de la Barca – Premios Oriana 2021 – Best Documentary

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