EFM_berlino_2013The Open Reel is the new Italian Festivals Booking and International Sales Agency founded by Cosimo Santoro in November 2012.

Its aim is to support and develop cinema, especially with LGBT contents, on an international level. The Open Reel wants to enlarge the visibility of those independents productions not supported by a staff devoted to develop their circulation and their positioning to festivals, events and sales.

For its first year at Berlin European Film Market The Open Reel will present several features films, documentaries and shorts.

The Open Reel will be at the Italian Pavillon – Stand nr. 101 with Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission


MY DESTINY by Peter Marcias (Italy, 2012, 80′)
Alina is a girl of Gypsy origins, who lives and works in Paris since years. Once returned in her native village in Sardinia, nearby Cagliari, she establishes a friendly relationship with Giampaolo Esposito, a fifty years old police chief. In this new dimension, Alina will be forced to face herself and her more intimate emotions, through “a trip” who will take her to reconsider all her past life, her aspirations and, most of all, her real identity. This changeover will mark the end of her youth and the starting point of a maturity that will make her more conscious of her weaknesses. Her past will breakthrough on the future of a young lady who is about to become a woman.

NAKED ROSE by Giovanni Coda (Italy, 2013, 70′)
Naked Rose is an experimental film inspired by the life of Pierre Seel and his autobiography co-written (or “suggested and guided”) by Jean Le Bitoux who, in turn, was one of the most important activists for LGBT rights in France and in Europe.

I AM THE HAPPINESS OF THIS WORLD by Julián Hernández (Mexico, 2013, 115’)
It’s the story of Emiliano, a film director exploring his daily life through his camera. The new film directed by Julián Hernández, awarded in past with 2 Berlin Film Festival Teddy Awards for A Thousand Clouds (2003) and Enraging Sun, Enraging Sky (2009).

DISRUPT (completed) by Roberto Fiesco (Mexico, 2012, 92’)
First long feature film after Fiesco’s experiences as a short film director and producer. The memory and testimony of two characters: Fernando García, known as Pinolito, who was a child actor in the seventies, and Doña Lilia Ortega, his mother, an actress. Fernando came out as a transvestite some years ago, and now calls himself Coral Bonelli. They live together in Garibaldi yearning for their past in the movies, while Coral bravely comes to terms with her gender identity. They both still perform.


ISLANDIA by Juanma Carrillo (Spain)
Islandia is Juanma Carrillo’s debut as a director of a long feature film.
One country. 103.000km. 300.000 inhabitants. 5 volcanoes. 3 ways to love.
The project is now in pre-production; shooting is scheduled to take place in Spring 2013.

STATE OF SOULS by Peter Marcias (Italy)
A new animated project by Peter Marcias, based upon one of the “classics” from the Sardinian Literature, “Lo stato delle anime” by Giorgio Todde. State of Souls is the new long feature film project by Peter Marcias: an animated noir, produced by Axelotil Film, and supported by The Open Reel, Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission, Regione Autonoma Della Sardegna, Comune di Cagliari and Provincia di Cagliari. More info available soon.