Things Unsaid


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Things Unsaid.

Photographer Anna and her husband Fillip are at their summer house when their peace is disturbed by the arrival of Maya, the daughter of their longtime friends, whom they haven’t seen in a long time. One night, when Maya returns to the house covered in blood, Anna and Maya share a strange moment of intimacy. Maya’s secret infatuation with Anna uncovers all things unsaid that Anna and Fillip have kept from each other for years.


Eleonora is a writer/director who has an MA in Screenwriting from California State University Northridge. She is also the author of several award-winning short films (Hairs, Fighting for Death, The Sign) which films have screened at over 60 festivals around the world. Her last short film, The Sign, which she co-wrote/directed with Yona Rozenkier as part of the omnibus SEE Factory premiered at the Director’s Fortnight program at Cannes Film Festival’s 2019 edition. After completing the Serial Eyes program in Berlin which focuses on writing of TV Series, Eleonora shot her first feature film Things Unsaid, financed by the Macedonian Film Agency, Serbian Film Centre, Eurimages and SEE Cinema Network. She is currently preparing to shot another short film and is developing her next feature film, as well as several projects for TV. Her other interests include volcanoes, donkeys, dogs and aliens.


  • Title
    Things Unsaid
  • Rights
  • Countries
    North Macedonia,
  • Year
  • Length
    95′, col.

  • Director
    Eleonora Veninova
  • Screenplay
    Eleonora Veninova
  • Editing
    Goce Kralevski
  • Photography
    Lev Predan Kowarski

  • Music
    Lindsay Wright
  • Sound
    Darko Sapsovski
  • Cast
    Sara Klimoska, Kamka Tocinovski,
    Blagoj Veselinov
  • Production Design
    Srdjan Mitrovic
  • Costume Design
    Zaklina Krstevska

  • Producers
    Goce Kralevski,
    Mirjana Tomic
  • Production
    DNF Films,

  • Cairo International Film Festival 2022 – International Competition
  • Pune International Film Festival 2023 – Global Cinema
  • Kinest Fest Catania 2023 – Feature Film Competition
  • EurAsia Film Festival Warsaw 2023 – Feature Film Competition
  • Beach Film Festival Ohrid 2023 – Opening Title
  • European Film Festival Palić 2023 – Feature Film Competition
  • Everybody’s Perfect Geneva 2023
  • CineEast Festival Luxemburg 2023
  • KineNova Film Festival Skopje 2023
  • Braunschweig International Film Festival 2023 – Competition
  • UCL School of Slavonik and East European Studies London 2024

  • Kinest Fest Catania 2023 – Special Mention

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