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Neneco and Anwar are two teenagers living in the town of Bahía Cupica, Chocó. Due to the illness of Neneco’s sister, he’s put in charge of washing all of her clothes but the encounter with two women in the nearby brook forces them to take a detour to the outskirts of the town, before sunset, to unveil the past of Cupica.


Karol Mora Albarracín is a Colombian producer born in Quibdó, Chocó. Currently working in her Economics major in the National University of Colombia, she is the producer of the documentary short film Degenere (2023), recipient of Proimágenes Colombia Film Development Fund-FDC. Also, is the producer of the short films in development Far from Home and Kanekalon, winner of a Writing Scholarship of the Secretary of State for Culture of Medellín, Colombia.

Sara J. Asprilla Palomino was born in Bahía Solano, Colombia. She is a graduate student of Photography at the National University of Colombia and holds a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Engineering. She directed the documentary short film Pelo Bonito (2018) and La Lentitud (2019), which was part of the national video clip selection of the 17th Bogoshorts-Short Film Festival of Bogotá. She is the director of the upcoming documentary short film Degenere (2023), recipient of Proimágenes Colombia Film Development Fund-FDC. She is also currently working as director and screenwriter for the short films Far from Home and Kanekalon.


  • Title
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    18′, col.

  • Directors 
    Karol Mora Albarracín,
    Sara J. Asprilla Palomino
  • Screenplay
    Sara J. Asprilla Palomino

  • Editing
    Fausto Tapias
  • Photography
    Jaime Barrios Martínez

  • Sound
    Eloisa Arcila Fernandez
  • Cast
    Joimer Andrés “Joselo” Robles Beltrán, Sebastián Blanquiceth Valois, Digna Padilla Ruiz, Rosa Miriam “Chivirica” Córdoba, Astrid “Pepita” Beltrán Beltrán,
    Soreyis Palomino Segura, Rafaella Taborda Palomino, Jhen Weimar Delgado Chaverra, Ada Mar Romaña Beltrán

  • Producers 
    Santiago Forero-Alarcón,
    Nicole Manuela Prieto Sotomonte
  • Production 

  • FICCI Cartagena de Indias 2023 – Tierra Adentro
  • Cali International Film Festival 2023 – National Shorts
  • Miradas Medellin 2023
  • FECISLA Bolivar 2023
  • Cinéma des Femmes Paris 2024

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