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On the outskirts of the city of Como, an encounter that could change everything. Precious and Federico, two free souls, united by a common passion: the music. But the pursuit of this common dream comes up against a harsh reality. The young man’s health is hanging by a thread and Precious is faced with difficult choices, torn between her ambitions and her new daily life. A moving journey between hope and turmoil.


Born in Varese (Italy) in 1984, Michele Pennetta studied at the Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne et Genève (ÉCAL – HEAD) and obtained a Master’s degree in film direction. His diploma film, I cani abbaiano (Dogs Above, 2010), was selected for several international festivals, including Cinéma du Réel in Paris and the Torino Film Festival, while ‘A iucata (2013) was presented at Locarno in the Pardi di Domani section. His link with the Locarno Festival continues with Pescatori di corpi (Fishing Bodies, 2016), his first feature film in international competition at Cineasti del Presente. The international premiere of the documentary Il mio corpo (My Body, 2020) took place at the Cannes Film Festival. Il mio corpo has been acclaimed by the press and international critics and will be released in national and international cinemas in spring 2021. Lonely, a coming-of-age documentary, focuses on teenagers whose everyday life is a constant struggle for survival. It is a tribute to the people who have had their wings clipped by fate at a young age, before they have had the chance to learn to fly.


  • Title
  • Rights
  • Countries
    Italy, Switzerland
  • Year
  • Length
    76′, col.

  • Director
    Michele Pennetta
  • Written by 
    Michele Pennetta, Gaëlle Pério,
    Giulia Moriggi
  • Editing
    Andrea Maguolo
  • Photography
    Paolo Ferrari

  • Music
    Camilla Sparksss
  • Sound
    Edgar Iacolenna
  • Cast
    Precious Adebayo,
    Federico Peduzzi

  • Producers
    Joëlle Bertossa,
    Flavia Zanon
  • Co-Producers
    Simone Catania, Francesca Portalupi,
    Silvana Bezzola Rigolini, Sven Wälti
  • Production
    Close Up Films,
  • With
    Rai Cinema
  • Co-Production
    RSI, Radio Svizzera di Lingua Italiana,
  • With the participation of
    ARTE G.E.I.E. – La Lucarne
  • And the support of
    Ufficio Federale della Cultura (UFC), Cinéforum, Loterie Romande,
    Suissimage, Ticino Film Commission, Piemonte Doc Film Fund

  • Zurich International Film Festival 2023 – Focus Competition
  • Rome International Film Festival 2023 – Alice nella città Competition
  • Solothurner Filmtage 2024 – Panorama
  • FESCAAAL Milan 2024 – Extr’A Competition

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