muroThe 28. Torino GLBT Film Festival (April 19-25) will pay a tribute to Spanish videoartist and filmmaker Juanma Carrillo.

Carrillo, invited also to be part of the short film international jury, will introduce a large selection of his short films, on Sunday April 21 at 1030pm, in the Venue n.3 of Multisala Cinema Massimo.

Among the other titles, there will be the screenings of “Caníbales – Cannibals” (2009), “Fuckbuddies” (2011) and “Una Sesation de Vide” (2011), together with the international premiere of “Nineteen Forty-one: Darkness Extended Version”, produced for Magmart Museum, in occasion of the “100×100=900” project, involving 100 artists all over the world and some very first images of his newest feature film “Islandia” still in development between Spain and Iceland.
“ Nineteen Forty-One, Darkness Extended Version” by Juanma Carrillo (Spain, 2013, 13′)
In a year in which Marlene Dietrich was breaking all stereotypes as an actress and as a woman by becoming a US citizen and Orson Welles was presenting the best allegation on the loss of power in his masterpiece “Citizen Kane”, Europe was drained in an all-out war led by big dictators in which treason, death and violence corrupted all layers of society.
Nineteen Forty-one is a tribute to one of the hardest years in the history of the twentieth century.
Director, Producer, Photographer and Musician, Juanma Carrillo (Logroño, Spain, 1978) has been working in audiovisual world since 2000, moving between avant-gard films and video art. His short movies and video creations have been showed in festivals all around the world and in cultural centers such as Andalusia Film Library, New York Queens Museum, London Barbican Center or La Casa Encendida in Madrid. He is currently developing his first long feature film, titled “Islandia”.