The Objects of Love


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The Objects of Love.

Luz leaves to Italy in search of a better future, leaving her two year-old son in the care of her family back in Colombia. Her European dream, however, starts to wither away as she becomes the victim of a series of misfortunes. Luz takes on her new social status and starts from scratch working as a cleaner. She unexpectedly meets Fran, a person so extraordinary that makes her overcome all her preconceptions. Together, they decide to be the owners of their lives: the entire world is before them and Rome at their feet.


Adrian Silvestre was born in Valencia in 1981, he was graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the Complutense University of Madrid and got a degree in Film Direction from the School of Cinema and Audiovisual de Madrid (ECAM). He also got a Master of Contemporary Art History and Visual Culture at the Autonomous University of Madrid and the National Art Museum Queen Sofia. He has also followed a specialization in Developement of Cinematografic and TV projects and another one in Curating Film Festivals at the International School of Film and Television of San Antonio de los Baños (E.I.C.T.V.) in Cuba. In 2015, he was grant holder at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome and at the French Academy / Casa de Velázquez. He directed many shorts, such as La primera suplente (2004), Soliloquio (2007), Natalia Nikolaevna (2014), before making his first feature in 2016: Los Objetos Amorosos (The Objects of Love).


  • Title
    The Objects of Love
  • Rights
    Festivals, Sales
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    115′, col.

  • Director 
    Adrián Silvestre
  • Screenplay
    Adrián Silvestre
  • Editing
    Mikel Iribarren Morrás
  • Photography
    Luca Lardieri

  • Music
    Gary Geld & The Dead Monegros
  • Sound
    Sergio González, Andrea Guzzo,
    Emilio García Rivas
  • Cast
    Laura Rojas Godoy, Nicole Costa,
    Aurora Silva, Margot Medina,
    Andrea Iacovacci, Diana Agámez,
    Maddalena Recino, Miguel Ángel Tarditti,
    Simona Stacchiotti, Maria Stacchiotti,
    Marco Bomba, Marco La Ferla,
    Paolo Floris, Chiara Multari,
    Evelina Nazzaro

  • Producer 
    Adrián Silvestre
  • Production
    Adrián Silvestre, Simone Isola/Kimera Film (Associate Production)

  • Seville European Film Festival 2016 – Resistances
  • Lesgaicinemad Madrid 2016 – Feature Film Competition
  • D’A Barcelona Author International Film Festival 2017
  • Hamburg International Queer Film Festival 2017 – Feature Film Competition
  • Queer Lisboa 2017 – Feature Film Competition
  • Mix Brasil 2017 – Feature Film Competition
  • Pink Screens Brussels 2017 – Feature Film Competition
  • Outfest Peru Lima 2017 – Feature Film Competition
  • Ibertigo Las Palmas Gran Canaria Ibero American Film Festival 2017
  • Llamale H Montevideo 2017 – Feature Film Competition
  • MovilH Santiago del Chile 2017 – Feature Fim Competition
  • Reino de Leon Film & TV Festival Castilla Leon 2017 – Feature Film Competition
  • San José de Costarica Diversidad International LGBT Film Festival 2017 – Feature Film Competition
  • Sicilia Queer Palermo 2017 – New Visions Competition
  • Novos Cinemas Pontevedra 2017 – Feature Film Competition
  • Oviedo Contemporary Audiovisual Week SACO 2017
  • Zinegoak Bilbao 2017 – Feature Film Competition
  • CinHomo Valladolid 2017 – Feature Film Competition
  • Zinentiendo Zaragoza 2017
  • La Ploma Valencia LGBT Film Festival 2017
  • CCE Santiago del Chile 2017
  • Atlantida International Film Festival Palma de Mallorca 2017 – Feature Film Competition
  • Fuengirola International Film Festival 2017
  • Lesgaicinemad Madrid 2017 – Arcoiris
  • FanCineGay Badajoz 2017
  • El Lugar Sin Limites Quito , Guayaquil, Ponteviejo, Ibarra, Cuenca, Ambato 2017 – Feature Film Competition
  • MUCES – Segovia European Film Festival 2017
  • Outfest Santo Domingo 2017
  • Cartagena International Film Festival 2017 – Cineistas
  • Rizoma Film Festival Madrid 2017 – Feature Film Competition
  • Human Rights International Film Festival Madrid 2017
  • Queerzine Film Festival Castello 2017
  • Cinemapride Film Festival Madrid 2017
  • Talent ECAM Madrid 2017
  • Paraguay Lesbigaytrans Film Festival Asuncion 2017
  • CGAI La Coruña 2018

  • Seville European Film Festival 2016 – FIPRESCI for the Best Film
  • Queer Lisboa 2017 – Best Feature, Best Actresses
  • Sicilia Queer Palermo – Audience Award Best Feature
  • Lesgaicinemad Madrid 2017 – Best Actress
  • Zinegoak Bilbao 2017 – Best Director, Best Actress
  • Rizoma Film Festival Madrid 2017 – Rizoma de Cine Award

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