pink-appleThe Appointment – Director’s Cut 2012 will be part of upcoming Zurich Pink Apple LGBT Film Festival, taking place from May 1 to 9.

The screening is schduled on May 2 at 6:45pm.

Francesco, hurt by the discovery of his girlfriend’s betrayal, is craving for meeting his contender. They both think to be strangers to each other, but they’re wrong. In a desperate afternoon, the boy is going to face his pending issue with his antagonist, confessing anything he was tortured by to someone who is going to be more than a psychologist.

“The Appointment is a story concerning the thin and ambiguous lines of the emotional nature. It tells the story of those strong but fading feelings that become easily confused. Sometimes what has hurt you turns out to be appealing and fascinating. The film relates to the identical thought which two different people have in common from the heart. Therefore they are intended to connect to each other, even if they have never met each other, despite themselves, beyond their genders and their sexual orientation. What is going to let you explore that emotional boundary territory that people perceive in their souls but don’t want to investigate for fear of the point of no return is being capable of listening what the other doesn’t dare to say (Daniele Sartori)”.