my-destinyMy Destiny by Peter Marcias has been awarded with the Schools of Cinema Award at 6th Como Italian Film Festival. The Award has been given by schools Dreamers from Como and Cisa from Lugano to main actress from the film, Luli Bitri who attended the Festival’s Award Ceremony.

Alina is a girl of Gypsy origins, who lives and works in Paris since years. Once returned in her native village in Sardinia, nearby Cagliari, she establishes a friendly relationship with Giampaolo Esposito, a fifty years old police chief. In this new dimension, Alina will be forced to face herself and her more intimate emotions, through “a trip” who will take her to reconsider all her past life, her aspirations and, most of all, her real identity.

This changeover will mark the end of her youth and the starting point of a maturity that will make her more conscious of her weaknesses. Her past will breakthrough on the future of a young lady who is about to become a woman.