Ten Times Love


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Ten Times Love.

Ten fragments of ephemeral love in the life of Numa, an anti-romantic hero of our liquid time.


Manuel Billi lives and works in Paris. Film critic and director, he has authored several essays on contemporary cinema. Since the year 2000, he has been collaborating with different Italian and French film magazines. In 2014 he directs his first experimental short film, Battre, enlever. His first fiction short, Ghosts of Yesterday (2017) has been premiered at the Venice Film Festival. Then, he alternates between fiction (ENTER, 2018, with the French actor Félix Maritaud, selected in more than twenty international festivals) and documentary (Guardarla negli occhi, official selection at the Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema di Pesaro 2020). Ten Times Love is his third short fiction film and the second one co-directed with Benjamin Bodi.

Benjamin Bodi (1978, France) has degrees in drama, performance and photography. At the age of 22, he joined WAX, a Parisian collective of artists imbued with free jazz and surrealism. Two years later, as a programmer, he joined the management of Théâtre 347 in Paris and also worked as a public relation at the Comédie Française. From 2000 to 2012, he performed theater, dance and visual arts with David  Wampach, Christian Rizzo, Dora Garcia, Daniel Larrieu, Anne Zenour and Joao Fiadeiro. He has also participated in projects in these fields as a choreographer, playwright, co-writer and director. Video has always been more or less part of his work. He directed and presented a dozen experimental films in art festivals in France and abroad. In Saudi Arabia, he directed many documentaries based on the birth of a cultural dynamic, and continued this work in the Middle East by working with event companies. In 2015, he met director Manuel Billi, with whom he collaborated with Ghosts of Yesterday before deciding to co-direct their next film. In 2020 he has directed the shorts Pig for Pigs and, again tigether with Manuel Billi, Ten Times Love.


  • Title
    Ten Times Love
  • Rights
  • Country
  • Year
  • Length
    15′, col.

  • Directors
    Manuel Billi,
    Benjamin Bodi
  • Screenplay 
    Manuel Billi
  • Editing
    Manuel Billi,
    Benjamin Bodi
  • Photography
    Benjamin Bodi

  • Set Design
    Manuel Billi,
    Benjamin Bodi
  • Sound
    Nicolas Fournier,
    Malik Yahi
  • Cast
    Brice Michelini, Andy Gillet, Matthieu Pastore, Lalla Kowska Régnier,
    Anne-Sophie Bailly, Roman Girelli,
    Xavier Deralnot

  • Producers
    Manuel Billi,
    Benjamin Bodi
  • Production

  • RIFF Rome Independent Film Festival 2020 – International Short Film Competition
  • Toronto Inside Out 2021
  • DIGO International Film Festival on Gender and Sexuality Goiás 2021 – Out of Competition
  • Queer Wave Cyprus Nicosia 2021
  • Porn Film Festival Berlin 2021
  • Chéries-Chéris Paris 2021 – Competition
  • Reel Affirmations Washington 2021
  • Mix Brasil São Paulo 2021 – International Short Film Competition
  • Shorts Mexico Mexico City 2022

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